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What else can I adjust or should I even bother? #archery

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I have been messing around with an old Diamond Fugitive that still has the original Hostage Rest on it. The plastic one with the bigger brushes, not the Pro.

It is a single cam bow and the nocking point is about 1/8" high now. Making various adjustments, I have a bare shaft flying like a dart (just a tiny amount of nock right) and the bow is shooting really well. I haven’t done any other tuning at this point, but was going to start broadhead tuning next. However, I noticed something with the BS.

Even though the BS is flying really well and everything looks good, I noticed tonight that there are marks on the top of the arrow shaft where it is rubbing against the top brushes of the rest. The shaft should pass through this rest without touching if the arrow is leaving perfectly level. The bow is shooting well like this, but I know this is not going to be good long term. These marks are the length of the shaft, so I don’t think it is a low nocking point forcing the arrow up on launch. If so, I would only have marks on a portion of the shaft and the BS would not fly as well as it does. Seems like the arrow is rising on launch and trying to get level and making this contact. Seeing this makes me wonder if the nock point is just slightly too high. Not so high as to cause a flight problem, but just high enough to not let the arrow launch completely level. Am I completely off here? I plan on replacing this rest in the next few months and I know I’ll have to retune everything when I replace the rest, but I want to figure this out for now.

My other option is to leave it alone since I am happy with the BS flight and just move on with the other tuning to see if that exposes another problem and shoot it until I change out the rest.

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