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Toxic Broadhead Test by Antlers Archery

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We test out the new Toxic broadheads with a water jug test, some torture tests and a poultry test you don’t want to miss. Want to try these out? Stop by Antl…

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11 Responses to “Toxic Broadhead Test by Antlers Archery”

  1. Zachary Taylor says:

    They work magic

  2. AntlersArchery says:

    We did! Check out our channel for our latest broadhead tests.

  3. AntlersArchery says:

    I think it might to okay, but you may want to contact the manufacturer to get their recommendation. Flying Arrow Archery out of Montana make them and they’re very nice to work with.

  4. AntlersArchery says:

    I shot it with field point setup.

  5. bigwhey says:

    OMG, I was in my buddies camaro earlier, holy crap that thing gets up to 60 so quick!! thats a testament to how awesome it will be at hauling my boat!!! These jug tests are starting to seriously make me hate this broadhead. Why the hell are there no deer, bear, elk, hog videos?!

  6. Drayton Moore says:

    Dude why would you ruin a perfectly good broadhead on a cinder block

  7. BeastyHunter2000 says:

    Great review makes me want to switch over but I would have liked to see the rage broad head compared with the toxic

  8. daverocker1 says:

    I like the idea behind these broad heads. They basically cut three large holes of tissue. The only thing about them is I think the odds of getting a complete pass through is a lot less. I don’t see them doing well on a rib. Man do they cut though.

  9. Austin Jensen says:

    I saw that the blades flex out after a few shots is it Guna be an issue to practice with

  10. UTGrad Walker says:

    Cool tests!

  11. Donovan Peterson says:

    nice bow sir


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