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The Longbow Vs The Crossbow Speed Test – Video 17

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The purpose of this video is to demonstrate the comparative SPEED of shot between the English longbow and the hand-spanned crossbow. It is NOT an attempt to …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

How to Build a Wooden Crossbow with String, PVC, and Glue

Please subscribe for new videos like this! Great… Some of the audio got muted out… This video took a while to produce because of all the problems, but at…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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43 Responses to “The Longbow Vs The Crossbow Speed Test – Video 17”

  1. dannenoob says:

    People should know that crossbows were mostly used because it was easily produced and it didn’t take as much skill.

  2. bigbowbrum says:

    This technique helps enormously when using a heavy draw weight bow. After studying medieval illustrations and several Tudor and 18th century quotes we realised that by putting our bodyweight over the knee and leaning against the bow this helps to bend the bow before we begin drawing the string back. It also steadies the body and combats the force of the bow trying to push you backwards as you draw the string. Quite difficult to explain in a short comment but happy to elaborate further via pm.

  3. bigbowbrum says:

    Good comment and I agree entirely.

  4. Setrus says:

    Nice video, I must say. 🙂 Still, a crossbow would be great in a siege, where you could reload from the safety of the battlement and keep it cranked and ready to shoot if someone say was about to come around the corner. A bow is way better for shooting volleys over people’s heads and down on enemies though, while the crossbow needs to shoot straight, no? So I guess I understand why both were in use at the same time, this talk of “better” was probably something the odd knight would scoff at.

  5. Achiox says:

    How does a medieval weapon express homosexuality? But that’s aside from the point: I’m sure no one really cared how “cool” you looked when you were busy trying to shoot wooden sticks with a sharp metal point at someone else who’s trying to do the same to you.

    Longbows were more efficient and in terms of military use, where a larger army meant higher chance of victory, they were superior to crossbows.

    I’m no medieval history expert, but people back then had common sense. Not sure about today…

  6. multizayneedwardritz says:

    some body is a pussy.

  7. Leo James says:

    Great video, it brings to life the comparison of the archers of the battle of Crecy. I’m new to practicing archery and have noticed on a few videos of longbow archery that the archers shift weight significantly onto the forward foot and lean into the shot, why is this?

  8. bigbowbrum says:

    Yes there are a few. I will send you a list via pm.

  9. thrashd says:

    This is some good criticism, but it could be an “average” warbowman who’d have had at least a decade of training against an “average” crossbowman, who might’ve only had a few weeks. Thus, I’m not really sure calling this test “unfair” is, in itself, fair! =) But it IS something to think about.

  10. Derekbullrider says:

    Nice video. I liked it very much. Very enjoyable. Do you know of a bowyer currently making bows of that weight (100lb +) ?

  11. Mateus Viccari says:

    i thought it would be about the arrow/bolt speed, it was kinda obvious that the crossbow would take much longer to reload.

  12. newcastle19621 says:

    You should never make comparison videos with an opinion.

  13. callum a says:

    long bow gay. crossbow cool

  14. letaplamayhs says:

    always hated crossbows. took too long to reload!

  15. BASSASist says:

    I have no history lessons whatsoever on Bows and crossbows, but when you said Crossbows are easier to shot, i imagine that it was easier and cheaper for the warlords of that time to get “archers” into their army, instead of training Longbowmen..

  16. NovaX TrapZz says:

    No problem, keep the videos coming they are really good.

  17. bigbowbrum says:

    Thanks for the constructive criticism. We did run the test with the bolts tucked in my belt but we came up with the same result, though I agree that I am not an expert with the crossbow by any means! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the video.

  18. NovaX TrapZz says:

    I have to say this is a unfair test. Martin didn’t have to bend down to pick up an arrow, where bigbowbrum did. Martin also may be a trained professional where bigbowbrum may not have been. I think it could truly been improved if Bigbowbrum was the only participant and the arrows where stored on a waist high table or a quiver. However I really enjoyed this video, thank you very much BigbowBrum and Martin.

  19. bigbowbrum says:

    Ha, ha. Close – Hampshire! 🙂

  20. thedarklord9711 says:

    Somerset? I notice the accent =)

  21. Zxektok Paragon says:

    I’m an experience archer with a 140lb flatbow in my collection and with and without a quiver is a fair difference is shooting in terms of speed. The archer used looks like he is used to using a quiver and not used to arrows being in position.

    A good technique (I use) for reloading a longbow at speed with no quiver is bend the front knee & lean down. I get my arrow in my hand faster, it has less distance to travel to bow & with my bow still diagonal i start my draw & rise. Faster overall time

  22. Zxektok Paragon says:

    I think due to the experiment that would give the same result.
    If the crossbowman had 2 people then you would be up against 2 archers 🙂
    20 vs 12

  23. kreeperrock says:

    Think the archer could prob have shaved some time. He seemed like he was bothering to aim. Obviously it depends on situation but in war early battle aiming was limited to distance rather than a specific target it was all about getting a cloud of arrows in the air rather than picking a specific target. There wouldn’t be a massive difference in your results like but maybe an arrow or 2.

  24. simon jeakings says:

    Rubbish – in distance shooting short arrows are used because of less drag on the arrow. Powerfull crossbows in ancient times coud travel distances of around 400 yards and were so feared the church considered banning them as an instrument of evil. Some bolts were 4 times heavier than an arrow and were alot more effective at piercing armour than longbows which could only pierce armour at very short ranges – usually 20metres or less and even at these ranges needed specialised arrows.

  25. xboxlover367 says:

    Go to any army surplus store and buy some 550 cord that should make your bow more effective

  26. riseofthedead10 says:

    i don’t have such cutting machines in my home

  27. mss1430 says:

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  28. Tacochicken2000 says:

    Anyone else think this guy had 20 cups of coffee while doing the video

  29. Marko Todorovic says:

    can you make the bobing( sorry for miss speling ) out of wood?

  30. MrMirco1 says:

    if shouden read the top comments first now i’m deaf 🙁

  31. mairaaceves84 says:

    This is cool

  32. adriak1 says:

    I’m the 1000 like /,,/,

  33. andrew p says:

    you did
    such a good job on it you shuld mak a diffrent way for the trigger to pop up

  34. VOLKNER117 says:

    Ain’t nobody got the money for that

  35. VOLKNER117 says:

    Screw you and your hipster ways  >:)

  36. thetdp4master says:


  37. James Wents says:

    use a pencil with the eraser taken off

  38. michelle denaro says:

    hey i have a question. What kind of string was that because every kind i tryed broke and nothing will stay on it with out fraying off

  39. acap pulco says:

    Ain’t nobody got time for that

  40. justliketolook says:

    why are you putting the bow in front and the string behind it .you get more energy if you reverse it .It will speed up the arrow by more than 2x what it is now. with in the next few years you will see a change in how crossbow’s are made you will be seeing them all flipped over .

  41. Hugh Ward says:

    where are the planes

  42. camo davis says:

    i like it


  43. roadkill22ful says:

    Cutting Wood (Plank Remix)


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