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The future of a Tamerlane.

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Okay so wanting some opinions here, if anyone’s willing to give them. I have a old Fred Bear Tamerlane, original model, 69 inch, 50# draw weight, and I don’t really shoot it for a number of reasons. I love the way the bow looks, and it’s not a terrible shooter, but it is starting to kinda delaminate right under where your hand sits. No stress marks or anything in it, so I know the limbs still have a lot of life in them, and it’s only delaminating in one spot, which leaves me to believe it was sitting somewhere and got rubbed up against right there or something. And I’m wanting some opinions on what to do with it. Thinking of few things.

I could:
A: Just sell it, I don’t use it much, I do enjoy it, but I kinda don’t want to deprive someone else of it if they’d get some use out of it. Not sure how much I could get, but if I refinished it, I’m sure I’d get less.
B: Get someone to refinish it. It’s not in ‘perfect’ condition, you can see where it had 2 holes filled in on the back(think someone wanted to put a quiver on it). If I got it refinished it’d be a great shooter. Like I said, the limbs are still in great condition.
C: Just keep the original finish and hang onto it for now, and only shoot it from time to time. The Delamination isn’t bad yet, I’ve been doctoring it pretty good since I got it, so it hasn’t gotten worse that I can tell.

I’m having conflicting feels on refinishing it. I can tell the bow still has lots of life left in it, so I don’t wanna just sit it somewhere to let it sit, but it would subtract from the value of it quiet a bit I think. But I’m not a collector, I wanna use the bows I have.

So Keep it for now? Sell it? Or get it refinished and fixed up. The thing would look beautiful all fixed up I believe, but it wouldn’t be original then 😛

Any opinions or other options is nice. Thanks for reading 😀

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