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The Elk need your support in Steamboat Colorado #archery

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Elk hunters the Elk need your support,

The Elk in and around Steamboat Springs Co. are in desperate need of your support! We have a City-funded trail network going through the NEPA process that will completely decimate our herds over a vast area of public National Forest Land. At this moment the trail building community is getting a couple letters a day into the Forest service in support of this trail network. I know as hunters we like to stay quiet and mostly solitary but we NEED to get loud and join forces if we expect to keep the hunt and our hunting lifestyle alive into the future.

We have already seen the elk population plummet on Buff Pass because of the trail network that went in last summer. This next Madd-Rabbit trail network is massive and extremely damaging to Elk Habitat.

Visit www.KeepRouttWild.com for details about our desperate fight to save the herds.

Here is a link to the Madd-Rabbit proposal

This is a link to the trail system they have approval for and almost complete. We are witnessing a huge impact already from these.

Please write an email to the below addresses. Or send it to KeepRouttWild@gmail.com and I will forward it to the decision makers involved.

Bullet points to hit.

1. We value our wildlife and undisturbed habitat over new trails.
2. The elk population surrounding Steamboat plummetted because of the Buff Pass trail network and new trails must stop immediately before all the huntable populations are gone forever.

Also, visit https://www.keeprouttwild.com/take-action/ to see our mission statement.

Email addresses to send your letter of support for wildlife to.

tcorrigan@co.routt.co.us, dmonger@co.routt.co.us, chermacinski@co.routt.co.us, kfoster@fs.fed.us, wdelliquadri@steamboatsprings. net, gsuiter@steamboatsprings.net, kris.middledorf@state.co.us, tumphries@fs.fed.us, citycouncil@steamboatsprings.n et

Thank you! And please forward this to five people who you think might be able to help the cause.

Cedar Beauregard
Keep Routt Wild
735 Pahwintah St.
P.O. Box 770974
Steamboat Springs, CO
(970) 879-0953

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