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My New Octane Balance X Stab Got Returned (Pix/Vid)

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Well folks?…I woke up this morning…took one look at my new Octane Balance X Stab and?…shook my head realizing that while it was a little bit of everything I wanted in a stab for a very reasonable price?…today?…the word that came to mind looking at it?…was…"CHEESEY"…and really?..not enough of anything for my Mighty Zeus and wanted to kick myself for "Cheaping Out"…and it didn’t help matters that the many reviews I read before buying it?…were stellar…but then the reviews I read after buying it?…one site had 3 reviews on the octane balance X stab…with every one of them giving it (1) star and complaining that they fell to pieces on them in the first week of shooting.

To make matters worse?…the two 1/2oz weights that came on the front were both way to light to counter-balance Zues properly and?…of a NON-STANDARD 1/4-20 thread design and screamed…small, light and chinsey…much like the damping unit and the twist lock rod…so today?…back it went…I was very pleased they were willing to give me store credit or?…just refund me my money…but I told’em….

"Naw…that’s okay…store credits just fine as I’m going to get what I should’ve got in the first place."

and promptly walked over and picked up all the same stuff I initially spent 15-20 minutes picking out yesterday…

Stab: 8"/9oz PSE Deuce: $ 64.99

Damper: 2"/2.5oz Vibracheck "Shock X Module": $ 18.99

Weight Set: (2) 1"/2oz Cap Weights: $ 19.99

The Octane was $ 55..so an additional $ 50 got me upgraded into this…

1 1/4" Diameter 12" long stab with all the trimmings…and all in a standard 5/16-24 threading…and for bonus points?…shouldn’t break in a weeks worth of shooting.

And for ADDED Bonus Points?…I couldn’t be more pleased with the results! 🙂

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