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Overbowed beginner – limb recommendations? #archery

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I’m new to archery and also this forum. I did an archery taster session with my daughter in January and then signed up to a six week beginners course at a local club here in the uk – both with my daughter. We were three weeks into the course when (Covid-19) lockdown commenced and the course is on hold.

Having been bitten by the archery bug I recently purchased some used kit from a colleague. I went expecting a basic wooden recurve takedown bow and came back the proud owner of what I’ve since found out is a Hoyt TD4/GM – the wooden takedown turned out to be left handed and therefore no good for me.

I’m loving the Hoyt. The power and performance difference between this and the club bow I used is mind blowing and my first shots bought a massive grin to my face. The limbs are Hoyt CRX short with 38lb draw weight. I would not have picked this high a draw weight given the choice. I was clearly overbowed (and still am, but less so), but have been short of cash to upgrade the limbs that came with the bow. Having trained carefully over the past two weeks to build my strength whilst trying to avoid developing bad habits, I can now shoot 30-60 arrows reasonably comfortably hitting mainly reds with around 1 in 5 golds – 40cm target face at 12 metres.

My current dilemma is, do I continue using the CRX limbs? Or look to replace (with a lower draw weight) when I have enough cash?

I’m struggling to find information about the CRX limbs and would like to explore a comparable alternative. These are ILF limbs. Any suggestions on a currently available alternative with similar performance?

Being budget conscious, SF Axiom + seem to be highly recommended here on this forum, but are no longer commercially available. Any current recommendations for a low cost ILF limb? And if I go for a budget limb, are Dacron strings recommend?


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Hey guys — absorbing a lot of uber-wisdom here on the forum. Thanks for a great resource.

So here is one stupid noob question. My draw weight right now is about 65 pounds. It is not hard to draw, but after a couple hours at the range, my left arm is getting fatigued, leading to accuracy problems over and above those I would associate just with being a noob. I am getting some good groupings, but after a while, things kind of go down the toilet due to left/bow hand instability.

I am a short guy at 5’6", but lift a lot and go about 180. Farmer carries, flies, some pretty heavy rowing and lots of the shoulder stuff I figure would mean this is not so much of a strength thing as a technique problem. I have shot only a couple of times. There are I am sure very specific core muscle groups that need to balance each other out for consistent accuracy, and I am equally sure those things will come with more time.

Does it make sense to spend a couple bucks to knock back the draw weight, or do you think it makes more sense to spend a few bucks to have someone at the range work with me on my form? I have absorbed a lot of stuff, including proper grip and rotation of the bow arm here already. But you don’t know what you are doing wrong until someone who has some competence gives you a kick in the butt.

Thanks in advance.

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New to Traditional and might be overbowed. What do you suggest?

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Howdy folks:

My first post!
I have been lurking here for a while, reading and learning a great deal about all manner of topics such as aiming options, tab vs. glove, form, anchor points, etc. but unfortunately, I read the thing I needed to read a little too late.

I think I made the typical mistake of a compound shooter going to a recurve of too heavy a draw weight.

I have been arrowing deer/hogs for many many years successfully with compounds and currently use a Mathews Creed maxed out at 72 pounds (according to the pro shop scale) no problem. So when I wanted to recreate the fun I had in my teens with a hand-me-down Bear bow, a handful of mismatched arrows and a hay bale, I picked out a Kodiak from the Bear website and ordered the 55# from Cabelas.

It got here a few days ago and after I strung it (yes I used a stringer-learned that here- a must- no more leg through the bow stringing method thing for me!) I drew it and HOLY COW it seemed heavy! I felt very unsteady at anchor!

I work out regularly and often with heavy Russian Kettlebells and have pumped iron my whole adult life so I am very strong and my 72# compound is no big deal but this recurve gave me the shakes to some extent! I figured that going down to 55# would be a fair drop in weight considering I pull 72# compound with no issues but I think I was wrong.

My question to you all is, what do I do now?

I have not even shot it yet!

I have a set of spine test arrows coming from Rose City so I should be able to shoot it this weekend and figure out which spine is appropriate so I can order some full dozens. Problem is, I want to do this the right way and don’t want to learn/engrain bad habits.

Should I get a lighter recurve and build up from that or is it reasonable for me to expect to soldier on with this one and very slowly, build up my familiarity with it, ever focusing on perfect form? I would really rather not have to buy another bow though. Would rather keep it simple if I can and just have one recurve. Perhaps I am fooling myself though thinking I can grow into it in a month or two or three. But in a year, I went from a 35 pound kettlebell which seemed very heavy at first, to a 71 pounder that I now use as my main one and am considering going heavier. That worked out well as I got stronger over time and form is absolutely crucial there too! Maybe this recurve will be the same thing and I will grow into it?Not sure what to do!

Please bestow your experience and wisdom upon this open minded new-to-Traditional Archery shooter O’ masters of the bare bow!

Thanks so much for your time with this,

Chris T.

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