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Right handed shooter missing left #archery

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Today while i was shooting I noticed most of my misses were to the left. With a handfull that were straight high. The first thing that comes to mind is my grip bit imnot sure excactly what im doind wrong or how to correct it. I just started shooting 5 spot 300 a few weeks ago and shot a 26x 289 today which is about average for me so far. Im more concerned with eliminating the left misses and the few high misses than the actual score for now.
I would welcome any and all thoughts.

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Mad Max saga Part II “The Missing Chain”.

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When I woke up this morning (Jan. 3) at 4:30 AM in my hunting trailer my digital thermometer read 18.8 deg. (F) below zero! And…. the NOAA radio weather station said arctic weather was coming Sunday that would cause "a real mess" for most of the state.

I mean…. for those that listen to NOAA radio weather, when have you ever heard that (guy?), who sounds like a digitized Arnold Schwarzenegger… use adjectives to describe the coming weather? When he said "real mess", Man, I figured it was time to leave!

Now….my trailer is about 200 yards off the county road on a sorta rough state land two track. When I came back Dec. 26 I leveled out the berm created by the snow plow to get in (mistake number one).

I should have shoveled that entrance at least 20 feet in because over the years the county road has been built up so much rather deep "spin out" holes have been created in the two track right there.

However…. I was in no mood to shovel after putting chains on my ’92 Buick Roadmaster in the dark, with no flashlight, in a stiff wind, at about ten deg.. And…. wringing wet with sweat from using a screw type scissor jack (versus the ratchet type) that took about 9,000 revolutions of that screw with a ratchet and socket to get the tire high enough. No doubt they went away from the ratchet type, that was around forever, because of some lawsuit.

Anyway…. I get back to my trailer with only minor levels of anxiety and settle in.
A few days go by and I get thinking about that two track entrance every time I hear the snow plow. So, I go out there one night with only my aluminum snow shovel and the surface is hard as a rock (to the aluminum shovel).

Here’s the thing….that hard crust on that snow was only 4" to 6" deep with soft snow underneath and if I had brought my axe (as I had to do later) it would have broken up into easily manageable chunks.

So….. Jan. 3 at 11 AM I’m packed up and aimed at the two track, and on high anxiety. Not anxious over the entrance so much, I figured I’d blast through Mad Max style and get that huge blast of adrenaline too boot! What worried me was the snow in the two track had turned from soft to hard, and that meant the front tires would need way more momentum to push over and through it as they sank in.
Sure enough, I felt the front tires resisting and didn’t get the momentum I would have liked.

I got to that 20 feet of the county road and of course came to a tire spinning stop.

Now pay attention here….because I did a classic stupida. I heard the NPR "Car Talk" guys just last week chew out a woman for doing it in an airport parking lot.

In a situation like this, once you’re stuck you should get out and assess your situation. This is to let your brain settle down to calmer levels (away from the manic/adrenaline charged "I can make it, Whoo Hoo" that is just one tick of your brain away).

I have been there done this many times but in my defense, the thought of walking back to my trailer for shovels, axe and the heavy home-made ice spud in the still below zero weather put me over the edge.

So….I go into the classic frenzy, back and forth, over revving, etc. until all of a sudden I’m really stuck and know it. I get out and can’t believe my eyes, my driver’s side tire chain is gone! Nowhere in sight!
I walk back to the trailer, taking two trips to get the shovels (garden spade and aluminum snow shovel) ice spud, axe and 3 pair of strap on chains.

Really…. with not that much shoveling and using the spud to loosen the snow jammed under the gas tank I easily got out.

Back to that missing chain…..I never found it! From the tracks it looked like it was on right up to when I got stuck. I dug around with the spade and spud, looked under the car to see if it was hooked under there, even looked off in the brush to see if it got thrown that far, I even looked in the close by tree limbs! That thing was like 5 feet long and a foot wide!

As much as I hated to leave without it, I knew I might die right there if I stayed much longer. I was all sweated up, it must have been still somewhere below zero, shaking (not so much from the cold but from nerves) and the doctor tells me I got not only high blood pressure but a heart that skips a beat now and then on every 4th. beat.

So I go 12 miles, get to the gas station at I-75 and pour myself their biggest extra strong coffee.

Renae, the lady who works there is one of those employees you couldn’t pay enough in a single/double clerk setting. She somehow manages to put a smile on everyone’s face that comes in the door and she not only deer hunts but also rides a Harley!
Being in my hyper nervous state of mind I bent that lady’s ear for about a half hour and three of those big coffees. I often think there should be a clerk evaluation profession and I would be good at it.
I do not go back to single/double clerk stores where the clerk is too indifferent and most teeny boppers are terribly indifferent to us older people.

There’s more….I start down I-75 and notice my engine speed/sound is varying intermittently, like it’s going from Drive 1 to Drive 2, back and forth, etc. I made it the 42 miles but am now wondering if it’s worth the new muffler it needs (the muffler was bad even before I got stuck).

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What am I missing……

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Ok, Hoyt (bow) tunining gurus. Here’s my issue. I’ve never owned a Hoyt that did not shoot its’ advertised ATA/IBO speed (adjusted).

But, I am a full 6 fps below where I should be on my 2014 Hoyt Carbon Spyder Turbo. For a matter of fact, it is shooting the same exact speed as my 2012 Carbon Element with RKT cams. Is anyone else "coming up short" with this bow?

Here’s what I’ve done so far. Pulled bow out of box, put it on the digital scale, it was pulling 67.5 lbs. It’s a #3 Cam with a "C" module. Measured draw length was 29.5" (half inch too long). Cam timing was close, but not perfect.

I installed a Hoyt QAD Ultra Rest HDX, tied in d-loop, and put her in the bow press and began working. A twist here, a twist there, the final results: ATA length 33.0", Brace Height 6.0" (had to cut 1/4" off Stealth Shot carbon rod, as it was pushing out on the string over 1/8" and was adjusted all the way in). Placed the bow in my draw board, after adjustments, draw weight is 65.15 lbs, draw length is 29 3/16", the top draw stop touches 1/32" prior to bottom stop (that’s about as perfect as I can get it) and then paper tuned to a perfect bullet hole (only took 3 arrows or so). The bow tuned up to center shot (13/16" with only 1/2 twist needed to left and right side bus cables. Zero cam lean at full draw, a very slight amount at let down that’s difficult to see.

Shot it through both my Chrono’s and I’m getting 296 fps (384.4 gr Easton Da’Torch) arrow after arrow. With 20 grains on the string, that’s an adjusted ATA/IBO speed of about 334.

Not sure what I’ve missed (if anything) or, is this the first of the 8-9 late model Hoyt bows I’ve owned that I have finally found one that did not make it’s advertised performance???

One other thing, an annoying "creaking" sound during the draw. I’m working on that issue now.

There’s nothing more I think I can do with the stock strings. About the only thing left would be a custom string.

If anyone has anyone "constructive" advice, I’m all ears.

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