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Marsupial Gear Bino Pack – Review #archery

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Hey guys,
I finally found a binocular harness I really like and wanted to share my review with the forum because I feel a lot of people would benefit from this product. I purchased this online and am in no way affiliated with this company.

I bought the binocular pack (pictured below) and rangefinder case to go along

I got this in the mail and fell in love with the fit and quality of the product. It is very easy to get on and off. I just unsnap one of the buckles and it goes on nicely. It does not get hung up in clothing like some of the others I’ve used.

I gave it a test run over the last couple weeks turkey hunting. I have always used standard harnesses from bass pro and Cabela’s and have never been pleased whether in a tree stand or putting boots on the ground. Other models have always been in the way or caused unwanted noise for me. This bino pack fits the binoculars great and the magnet style flip down cover is quiet and so easy to do one handed. The magenetic closure convinced me to buy this product because I don’t like the zippers or other styles of competing products.

I removed my lens caps and obejective caps before the hunt because I didn’t feel like I needed that protection anymore and I was correct. It was effortless to get the Binos in and out. Even while leaving the cover open I was never worried that they would get damaged in any way. The pack was not restraining on my chest and never felt in the way, even with a turkey vest on crawling through the hardwoods. I have Shot my bow with it and it was not in the way of the string and didn’t bother me. When sitting down the pack does not move around or hang low towards the waist, so it is plenty comfy for treestand hunting. I kept the rangefinder case attached but never used the rangefinder. It does not add much weight And you hardly realize it is even there.

Anyways hopefully this helps someone looking for a new bino harness that is made in the USA. I am very happy with the product 5/5 stars.

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