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Anyone else ever feel like this?

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I live in an area that has quite a few deer come to winter. This morning I got up at my usual 4 A.M. to travel to work and noticed a large puddle of blood on the highway in front of my home.I thought to myself ,roadkill.Didn’t really think anything of it until I returned home at 4 PM.
What I didn’t see in the dark was that a deer had been hit and came in my driveway and collapsed near my lane to my composter.
When I approached what I thought was a dead deer,she raised her head when I was about two feet from her. One front and one back leg was broken,bones were protruding from the skin and she was swelled up from some obvious internal damage.
I immediately went back to the house,grabbed an ax and went back to the deer. (Inside the town limits so no rifle could be used) Her head was down and her eyes were closed and she never did open them again. It bothered me,and still does that she lay through the night and all day in pain.
Don’t get me wrong,I live to hunt deer and bear and death is a natural conclusion to the hunt. I just prefer the deer or bear get out of sight and have their last moments be private without a predator standing over them watching them expire. I know a wild death from wolves or dogs is worse than anything we could do to them.
Just was wondering if anyone else feels like this that hunts or am I just getting sentimental in my old age?

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