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How the journey began #archery

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Jack had placed me on stand as he was the one who had done what little scouting had been done. I could hear the birds darting in & out of the standing corn & the dew dripping off it’s leaves. It was about an hour after sunrise when I looked to my left & saw the Doe, looking my way, less that 20 yards. I started to draw my Bow just as she leaped into the field & started to trot. She was under 25 yards when my arrow zipped past her & she bolted into high gear. I watched her run the entire length of that field into the opposite timber. I walked out & to my surprise find my arrow buried into the ground. I walked back to my spot in the corn & my teeth start chattering & I start shaking. I missed 3 more shots that season. It was Illinois first EVER Deer Season, Oct., 1957 & I was 15 years old. I say I started Archery in 1956 as that is when I joined a club & bought my 1st real bow but I cannot remember not having some type home made arrow slinger. This Oct. will start my 62nd year of Archery & 60th of Biggame bowhunting. I have been on an awesome journey. I have been blessed with a ton of assorted Biggame DIY bowhunts in 15 states + 8 guided & experienced a wide variety of other things involving Archery/bowhunting. I enjoyed many years of competition in my younger years with some pretty good success & even contributed to the sport by holding local & state office’s regarding Archery organizations. I shared my love of archery for 18 years as a shop/lanes owner too (1964-1982). In 1958, Illinois second Deer season & opening weekend I arrowed my 1st Whitetail (a yearling Doe) with a wooden arrow I made myself & tipped with a MA3 blade. I’ve experienced so many changes (good & bad) over these many years. I have been fortunate to have met so many great people through archery & formed many friendships, true friendships. It’s not about who shot the highest score or the biggest rack, it’s the joy of the journey & those we share it with. If you enjoy your ride half us much as I have, you’ll be a happy camper. My longevity has allowed me to share Archery/Bowhunting with my Son, Daughter & 6 G-kids. I am truly blessed. Good luck to you if your a competitor & good luck on your quests this coming Deer season.. When did your journey begin?
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Noob Trad Archer Journey – Entry 1 – First Shoot Ever

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Hey all,

Not even sure how I buried my first thread in the subforum where nobody looks much, but it’s all good, I got excellent advice nonetheless.

I’m a new archer with no coaching and very little experience (shot compound bows two or three times over 15 years, also with no coaching besides 5-minute breakdown of range rules/tips). I did a ton of research online, including this forum, before jumping in, and I went to every local shop within 40km of my house. I also bought Anthony Camera’s "Shooting the Stickbow" and it’s been my nighttime reading for a few weeks. But reading and fantasizing just wasn’t enough. I knew diving into the sport without coaching wasn’t a great idea, but coached archery classes are booked up to September/October where I live, and I wanted archery RIGHT NOW (complete with toddler tantrums).

72 hours after I placed my order, a wonderful package arrived in the mail. I then did NOT proceed to take any pictures, because I was too excited. Then it rained, and I got called into work whenever it did not rain, or I did not have transportation out into rural areas, and days turned into weeks while my little Samick Sage sat in a corner, begging to be used. I could go on at length with this, but forget that, let’s just skip ahead to the good stuff. Eventually the weather cleared up and schedules lined up and I had a brief opportunity to go shooting.

I double checked all my gear, made sure I had the essentials, riser, limbs, bowstring, and then we were there. Then DISASTER struck! I lost my bowstring. I’m still kicking myself about it. I did not get to shoot my bow. 🙁

My friend accompanying me bought the exact same bow, however, only right-handed (I shoot left, or rather I’d like to). I’m glad I went with a lower poundage bow, and I’m glad there’s nothing terribly wrong with my right arm, shoulders, and back muscles, because it turns out using the right-handed bow wasn’t so bad. Okay, I’m fibbing, it felt very awkward to me, but I managed.

Oh hi, this is me by the way. Let’s get to the nitty-gritty. Critique me!

My thoughts: I think my lower body twisted a bit somehow. Woops. I’ve drawn my bow a few times without the glove, and this was my first time with the glove on, so finding an anchor was difficult. Also, I’m not even sure this picture was taken right before the shot, I forgot to ask my friend, but it was the closest to.

Other excuses: On the drive down I found out my father had been hospitalized, and I had injured my right knee in a jog the day before, and the place was swarming with hungry mosquitoes (and guess what kind of spray we forgot). I’m just terrible at this. But really, I wound up in a pretty bad mental place, held just barely at bay by the fact that I was finally (almost, kinda) shooting my recurve bow (but you know, reversed).

Well, that’s the best I managed, out of 24 total shots (6 per round). We had to get out of there because the bugs got too bad.

I’m regretting not making a vague X target out of some duct tape, because now that I think of it, I had nothing to aim for. My goal was "don’t get arrows lost in those woods back there." Mission accomplished, I suppose.

The one neat thing I noticed was that, the far left deviant arrow in the last photo was the one shot where I had my arm is bad position and the bowstring gave it a good burn.

I don’t feel that bad though, because I burned myself a dozen times or more with my compound shooting experiences. Maybe the late night reading IS slowly sinking in.

Looking forward to Entry 2, and hopefully sharing it with you fine folks so I can become a real archer (right now I’m still a fake one).

P.S. For a 62" Samick Sage at 30lb, what replacement bowstrings should I go with? Ideally I would like to order off Amazon.ca, which means this directory of bowstrings.

ArcheryTalk Forum: Archery Target, Bowhunting, Classifieds, Chat – Traditional Archery

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Heartland Archery | Winnipeg

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