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short vs long brace heights #archery

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Ok this is just something Ive been pondering. Like alot of us on here Ive been slinging arrows for a LONG TIME. All of our archery lives weve heard that a longer brace height is more forgiving. I understand that an arrow clipped to a string on one end and sitting on a rest at a given point down the shaft is more "stable" we’ll call it while its just sitting there.But it seems that the shorter the brace height is then the sooner the arrow will be free and clear of any shooting imperfections we may have and be on its way downrange. When I have always heard the opposite. That you need to have a more perfect form to shoot a short brace height. The reason all of this came up for me is that I have never shot a bow with a brace height shorter than around 7 1/2 inches or more. Recently I traded one of my Mathews Legacies for a Monster 6.0. I really didnt think I could shoot the little 6 inch brace since my follow through isnt always top notch. I think I sometimes prematurely begin to close my relaxed hand to hold the bow too soon after the shot etc etc. And then the dreaded target panic will rear its ugly head at times but to my surprise I’ve been grouping with it probably better than ever which got me to thinking that perhaps JUST PERHAPS a shorter brace height can at times even be beneficial to a less than perfect shooting form rather than the other way around like we’ve always heard.I mean for years we were told that eating wheat bread and drinking orange juice was good too but now we’ve figured out the opposite. Lol . So maybe the short brace height thing needs re evaluated. ? Lol …….I dont know just a thought…

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