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IWOM in Fall Greay

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Hey guys. I’ve been interested in the IWOM for awhile, but like many others have mentioned I really would prefer it in one of the open camo patterns. I decided to email IWOM about it and got the following response.

Hello Michael

Thank you for your interest in the IWOM Hunting System. At this time we are in discussions with Predator to possibly license Predator Fall Gray and add it to our offering in the fall of 2015. At the very least we believe we will offer an overlay to our existing customers that will fit over the top of their existing IWOM XT and change up the camo pattern from the current Real Tree or Mossy Oak pattern. From there as far as making a production run of IWOM Predator XTs it will depend on how many pre-sales we garner between now and the end of our retail trade show season in April.

If you would like me to keep you on our email list and keep us posted on our decision I can do so. In the interim if you have some ideas on how we may gauge interest beyond your please let me know as it will be important in our decision making process. I can be reached Monday-Friday from 9:00AM-6:00PM EST.

Thanks again for your interest.


Allen Potter, Managing Partner
IWOM Outerwear, LLC
1981 Pine Hall Road
State College, PA 16801
Office: 814-272-5400
Fax: 814-272-5425

I replied suggesting that the IWOM team create an account on AT and some of the other message boards to gauge interest, or I can just make a thread and let their inboxes get flooded with interest. Since I did not get a reply from that last email, I have now accomplished the latter. So use this information as you see fit. Either express your interest in this thread, email IWOM, do both, whatever. Seems like the are listening to us, but just need a final push to make it happen. Let’s just let them know if we are interested, so we can get what we want. Maybe spread the word to some of the other internet boards as well.

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