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Land & Water Conservation Fund

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Some pretty interesting information about the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) which has helped states build community parks and the federal government could buy private properties to patch up a tattered public landscape. Now this program is on life support!

A few things from the article:

“But after no LWCF money came through, much of the ranch was subdivided, developed and sold off.”

“When we have a willing seller and we don’t have the funds to purchase the property, that really is unfortunate,”

“In 2008 a Montana cattle rancher just northwest of Yellowstone National Park offered to sell to the Forest Service several hundred acres along the Yellowstone River that were crucial habitat for migrating bison. The Yellowstone animals are descendants of the few wild bison in America to escape the mass slaughter of tens of millions of them at the end of the 1800s, which starved Plains Indian tribes onto reservations. For decades, thousands of Yellowstone bison were shipped to slaughterhouses while environmentalists and the cattle industry clashed over where outside the park they could be tolerated. Parties on both sides agreed this piece of land could help ease the conflict.

But when money from the LWCF never came, the rancher sold to a billionaire businessman instead, and the bison slaughter went on, at a cost of about $ 2 million a year to the National Park Service per an agreement forged with state and cattle industry representatives as a way to control their population.”

“in Montana and Nevada, where some of each state’s biggest herds of elk and mule deer, respectively, are kept largely off-limits to hunters because they live on mountain ranges encircled by private ranches that no public trails or roads cross”

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NJ Bowfishing Conservation Project – Save A Clam

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Hello Everyone,
I wanted to spread the word for a NJ Bowfishing Conservation Project I am working on called Save A Clam. If you can please take a moment to read the description about our cause below I would appreciate it. Thank you for your time!

About Our Cause:

Every year the New Jersey Shellfish Industries are attacked by large schools of migrating Cownose Rays which wreak havoc on the shellfish population. These rays enter the fisheries destroy farming equipment, eat the majority of the seeded shellfish and disturb the soil leading to shellfish suffocation. Over the years these predatory animals have grown in numbers due to the overfishing of their natural predator the shark. Our newly created conservation effort called Save A Clam is looking to help control the Cownose Ray population through the legalization of Saltwater Bowfishing for this invasive species. Being a conservation effort we would like reduce the population of the Cownose Rays to help out the shellfish industries but still maintain a healthy population of the species. Our goals also include encouraging the public to utilize the harvested Cownose Rays as an alternative viable food source. This project if passed will also introduce a lot of new shooters into the wonderful world of bowfishing and help out our economy through business development. If you would like to support our cause please sign our petition below, like our Facebook page and visit our website using the links below. Thank you for your time and we would greatly appreciate any support you can provide!

Save A Clam Facebook Page

Save A Clam Website

Save A Clam Petition

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Virginia conservation officer notes:

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I get an e-mail from VDGIF bi-weekly that has hunting news. It always has a conservation officer police notebook that lists some incidents in different areas. These two stood out to me this time.
One for the obvious reason of safety and sadness for the loss. The other one blew me away that someone would run and leave their son to try to elude the law.

Incident 1 -Tree Stand Incident – On November 10, Conservation Police Officer Lee Jones responded to a tree stand incident and found that a 46 year old male had fallen from his stand. The victim was wearing an old style web harness that kept him from hitting the ground, but he was asphyxiated by the lanyard that attached to the tree. Members from his hunting party found him hanging unresponsive from the tree when he didn’t return at the end of the day. A death investigation and report was completed by Officer Jones. Sergeant Woodruff assisted in the notification of family members in Suffolk.

Incident 2 – Long Foot Pursuit for Felony Arrest – On Thanksgiving morning, November 27, Conservation Police Officer (CPO) Andrew Howald was checking a baited stand he had been monitoring in Appomattox County. As he approached, he observed an adult male with three firearms and a juvenile male entering the large, wooden, constructed stand. The adult male saw Officer Howald and began quickly approaching him wanting to go to his truck to retrieve his license. Andrew noticed that he was breathing very heavy and seemed extremely nervous and asked him to sit down while he checked his identification. The man sat down but stood back up while Officer Howald was checking his information, at which point he was going to place him in handcuffs, but the man took off running, leaving his juvenile son in the stand. Andrew immediately chased after the man commanding him to stop and lie on the ground. The man continued to run through the woods past another individual in a stand, down an ATV trail, and around a small lake back to where his truck was parked, periodically stopping to try to catch his breath only to see Officer Howald gaining on him still giving him commands to stop. After a failed attempt to enter his vehicle the man ran a little further and gave up then, almost vomiting and realizing that he was not going to escape Andrew. The man was taken into custody and Andrew went back with CPO Richard Howald and his K9 partner Scout who detected all of the items the man had dropped and thrown down during the chase. Charges were placed on the man for being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition, eluding/resisting arrest, no blaze orange, no hunting licenses, hunting over bait, and illegally feeding deer; other charges are pending for the other individual in the other stand and none were placed on the man’s young son.

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