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DIY dual bow stand ( yes I saw it’s been done before , but not like this )

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Hey every one ! I am new here , and well new to archery as well . I am normally a firearms kind of guy. I recently bought my first bow , a bear Encounter ( nothing special I know ) . My reason for doing so , therapy , in more ways then one . I had shoulder surgery 2 years ago and a buddy if mine said archery is a great way to work out your shoulder , and the other is my own escape . I use to go to the shooting range once a week . But let’s face it, with the price of ammo and as hard as it is to find , this just seemed to be a logical option . Oh and I can shoot in my back yard , inside city limits , um OK !!!

Anyway I sat down the other day to get some ideas about bow stands and well I saw a few I liked , but nothing that held a bow or two and arrows . So I thought to my self while standing in Home Depot ( which anyone knows is dangerous ) " hey I am smart , I can just design one in my head real fast and build one "

So about $ 40 later and about 20 mins to build . This is what I came up with . I know it’s not the prettiest girl at the ball , but hey she gets the job done . And it’s light enough it can be stored in my shed while being super sturdy so it won’t tip over with mine and my wife’s bow on it .

So please let me know what you all think ! I am open to opinion , I mean how else to we grow and learn !

Oh and if you want it’s size or parts list to build one just ask and I will get a list together


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