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Merry Christmas to all……………………… …. #archery

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And don’t forget in the midst of all the hustle and bustle, the gifts, and the food, that the real purpose is to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Christ Jesus. HE is the reason for the season. God bless you all! Gary

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For My Buddy Kegan …. Traditional ……Not :)

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The bow Kegan pointed out the other day in his traditional ? thread was a Firebrand lever cam Bow that was the predecessor to the Monster line

When the new owners of Oneida bought the company many years ago they left the cam less version with the original owners and than the original owners brought out the Firebrand which didn’t last to long and eventually the cable powered variants were made by monster which again did not last to long.

Oneida is still building bows and like Kegan I am attracted o all things with curves…..Girls …….cars ……. And bows 🙂

So while I’ve never been a compound guy 15 + years ago I had an injury that made practicing with at the time my 65 pound recurves not to fun and as hunting season came around I found myself in a bow shop buying an old Oneida Aero Force

I had never Wally shot a bow with a sight before other Han playing around but I can remember thinking man this is easy 🙂

Needless to say even thou I hadn’t been shooing because of the injury I had been scouting and my first time out the very next day I shot a 148 inch whitetail with it

I never hunted with it again and went back to my recurves as the next season rolled around

But I always had a love of those crazy lever cam bows and when Oneida announced a few years ago that they were dropping the SBE II in favor of more compact bows that lend themselves to a release shooter I figured I best have one just in case

I got one of the last Super Black Eagle II’s ever made set it up and about once or twice a year I shoot it just in case

This video is the first day I have had this bow out in about a year.

The thing that I love about these bows is I can completely tune this bow and even break it down with just an Allen wrench. No bow press required

So like my recurves I am self sufficent with this piece

Kegan by the way ya got my blood pumping and I almost bought that Firebrand bow off eBay but it went for a good buck and I was not going to spend good money on a 10 year old bow with a cast handle but …………. I did order a new EA Archery Uma which is a string powered lever cam bow out of a small company in Texas that has taken over the mantle of such bows since Monster closed its doors.

Machined riser, composite limbs , Rhino stings (Jinks should be proud) 🙂 wicked little bow that is made to order and mine should be here in about 3 weeks just in case 🙂

It will be all lack and set up exactly like my Oneida

Traditional ……not…… but fun 🙂

Check out this company


Steve the owner does recurves also

Right up your alley buddy 🙂

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