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Question on draw weight vs. arrow weight, and why I think most have it wrong.

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I have been seeing a lot of threads in regards to arrow weight and draw weight (in hunting applications), most of which say that when you drop draw weight you should, or at least most people do, drop arrow weight. To me this the total opposite of what I think you should do. I think that if you are going to drop draw weight then you need to INCREASE arrow weight to get the same terminal performance as someone shooting a faster arrow with increased draw weight. This has been shown to me more so through the example of my wife’s hunting setup then about anywhere else. I have seen her terminal performance suffer when we drop arrow weight down closer to IBO out of her setup. And I have seen extreme penetration gains when she shoots a heavy arrow. I have posted it here before, but I believe that when you decide to shoot lower draw weight, you are knowingly limiting yourself, and that is ok, heck that is why we archery hunt in the first place. When you shoot lower draw weight you are limiting yourself in regards to forgiveness of trajectory and range already so why not shoot a heavy arrow? What you are doing when shooting a heavy arrow(say anything from 450 up) out of a sub 50lb bow is turning that bow into a very powerful recurve. Think about how many animals including very large and dangerous one have fallen to traditional gear, and those guys thrive on heavy arrows and quality broad heads. I just don’t understand dropping arrow weight when dropping draw weight. Now I know there are exceptions; say you are already shooting a 600gr arrow out of your 70lb bow and decide to shoot a 440gr arrow out of your 60lb bow. That I get because your arrow weight, although lower then I like is still plenty heavy for most game. But examples like this are outside the norm. Now I would like to hear if and how you think I am wrong in this.

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