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ok so what ya think?

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been messing around with the experience i got the other day and think that i got it tuned for now but still got to bare shaft tune at range. any way the paper tune went ok i guess dead level through the berger and center shot at 13/16 had a little low and right tear. put one full twist in both right yoke legs and that cleared up the right tear but that low tear i could not get rid of to save my life. tried moving the rest tried moving my nock point but to no avail. well then i remembered that when i synced my cams that they were dead even, and remembered that with my hoyt i always had a low tear unless the top cam was advanced a little.

sooo i took a half twist out of each of the top yoke legs and and put one full twist into the bottom single loop of the cable. the two half twists out of the top yoke legs were to avoid a half twist in the solid cable, because one full twist from the solid side of the cable was too much movement in the cam sync. so back on the draw board and the top cam was now advanced by about 1/16 of an inch. set my paper back up and bam perfect hole (or at least perfect enough for me). by the way all the tuning to this point has been with a bare shaft. the fletched are tearing just a smidge low but i think that i am getting contact on the veins, its no matter i am going to be going to 5 inch feathers soon.

any way how do my knots look for my peep and my nock point? any tips? oh yeah and could having that torqueless d-loop instead of normal cause me to need the top cam advanced to clear up low tear? so far so good now as soon as my sight gets here for the bow i will sight in and get it bare shaft tuned out to around 40 yards then throw some broad heads at it. its funny too that getting the bow tuned this far the specs are dead nuts 32 ata 7 inch brace and maxes out at just a hair over 60 pounds weight.

pics to follow momentarily

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