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New life for a classic – My SBXT project – pic heavy

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I picked up a SBXT a couple months ago cheap and decided i was going to give it a complete make over. The finish was flaking off so I figured why not try my first DYI riser refinish. After lots of research and , I decided to duracoat her coyote brown. I bought the $ 40 rattle can kit. I broke her down and stripped her with aircraft remover. Next I plugged all the threaded holes with dummy screws from ACE hardware then blasted her with aluminum oxide.

I built a backyard paint booth with some scrap wood and plastic I had. I made the hanger in a way where I could rotate the riser as I painted it.

My final prep step was washing her down with denatured alcohol to remove any lingering grease/oils/residue/etc. I blow dryed and let her sit for 30 minutes.

I went first with 2 thin coats of rustoleum self etching primer, 5 minutes between each coat and waited 30 minutes before top coat. Finally I went with 4 thin coats of duracoat, 5-10 minutes between each coat. I let the riser hang for 4 weeks before I ever touched her so I could reach a full cure or very close to it.

Preperation is EVERYTHING with painting. I assembled her tonight. I added new black limbs, DCA stab, Dead End string stop, Copper John Rut Wrecker sight, new idler wheel and new axle, new cam and new axle (cam and idler were chewed up on the edges), updated QCCs, black torqueless grip, and a harmonic stabilzer light. I blacked out all of the damper weights by removing the gold stickers (I had to paint the small ones).

I still need to add a black QAD HDX, the coyote brown/black shark tooth weave wrist sling, quiver mount and peep sight but she is looking good. She still has the Breathn threads that were on when I bought her so they will suffice for now. Hopefully I can get her tuned and rocking by next week, I cant wait to stick a deer with this bad girl.

Enjoy the pics.

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