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New guy trying to decide #archery

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Okay guys, forgive me if this topic has been beaten to death, but I need to get some answers. I would rank myself as a beginner shooter. I do understand basic technique and have had a few bows in my life. When it comes to experience, that is what I want more of. I am planning on moving more towards hunting with a bow and less with a rifle for many reasons. I currently own a LH Mathews Z7 60lb at 29.5 (I think the draw is right). I just put a new string on it and, to be expected, its a little stiff. I really want to buy a newer bow but am a little intimidated by all the choices out there. I would like to buy used. Are newer bows with newer technology easier to pull. I feel like I really struggle with 60# and if shopping for a bow, I want to know what is right for me. Im 6’4 230lbs and athletic and in and out of the gym. I know I dont need to pull 90# to achieve my goals, but Im wondering if my current setup would be much different that say a Hoyt Defiant. Being LH doesnt exactly present me with a ton of opportunities at the local bow shop to try different bows to see how they feel. Heck, the local bow shop is either Bass Pro or another shop 45 miles away. Should better bow shops have a few of the latest and greatest tuned and ready for me to fling a few arrows downrange? What are the benefits that I should see when spending 1k on a bow. I guess, does 60lbs feel the same on all bows? I hope that makes sense. I really would like to buy the best I can afford and not have to buy for a few years. Im afraid if I start with an entry level bow, Ill wish I bought something a little better. So, how much difference is there from a 10yr old Mathews setup vs a new Hoyt or Prime? Hope that isnt to vague..

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