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My issue with my Realm X #archery

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Ok, this is not a complaint about the bow, as far as I’m concerned this thing is perfect….minus 1 thing! I’m having the grip issue a lot of other bowtech shooters have talked about on here. My knuckle on my left hand is rubbing the riser and after close to 75 shots today (first serious shooting session) it is sore and raw. I’m not keen on any real modification but open to suggestions. I’ve thought about a thin fingerless glove on that hand or just sticking mole skin on that knuckle when it’s going to be an extended shooting session like today. Hopefully someone will design a different aftermarket grip or silicon cover soon. My bow is set up with the hha ol-5519 sight, smackdown pro rest, & TR 12” static stab and is quiet but could benefit from limb dampeners as we tested it out with and without a set of bowjax and there was a slight, yet noticeable, difference.

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