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Layering (yes, including Sitka) success – but I want better! 400 or 600 g wool? #archery

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I just returned from a very cold hunting trip in Nebraska. My success in staying warm was better than my hunting results, so I choose to dwell on the mundane of what I wore (too many layers) and how to improve. Thankfully my failure on the hunt itself wasn’t due to a missed shot…..

Anyway, Saturday started at ~10 degrees F and -1 windchill. I managed to sit in the stand for the entire day (~11 hours). Here is what I wore:

Feet – two pairs of wool socks, Lacrosse 1600 Alphaburly Pros, BootSuits and a handwarmer inside each boot

Legs – Kuiu Merino base, Sitka Merino Core, Sitka Dakota pants and Fanatic bibs

Top – Kuiu Merino base (x2), Sitka LW Crew SS, Sitka Core Heavyweight Zip-T, Kuiu Super Down Vest, Marmot Trail Wind Jacket, Sitka Fanatic Hoody, Sitka Incinerator Jacket

Misc – Sitka Fanatic Beanie and Gloves, Incinerator Muff (with two hand warmers) and Neck Gator

I don’t think that I need to make any changes other than to the upper body, as 8 layers is ridiculous – the chore in getting dressed, and the challenge in venting the many layers. Some former military buddies who were hunting with me suggested a heavier Merino base layer to replace several layers, so I’ve been looking at the heaviest base or mid-layers made by WoolX, Woolpower (Ullfrotte) and FirstLite. I’m leaning towards the Woolpower 600g top. Any thoughts on this or the other brands, and how many of the above layers I could eliminate?

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance

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