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‘Hunger Games’ Movie – Teaching Jennifer Lawrence Archery

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In “The Hunger Games” film, Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence, wields a mean bow and arrow. Wendy Bounds spoke with Lawrence’s archery instructor, Olympian Khatuna Lorig, on how she trained the young start to look like a real hunter.
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19 Responses to “‘Hunger Games’ Movie – Teaching Jennifer Lawrence Archery”

  1. Ali DiLaurentis says:

    I’m going to FAIL archery next year. I’m so tiny and little and weak, and I can barely pick a bow, or pull the arrow back! D:

  2. Sara Chmait says:

    Ive been thinking about starting archery , so thanks for for the tip!

  3. Madison Wheatley says:

    Dude u people know nothing this lady was in the Olympics so lay off

  4. thebenchwarmer says:

    Wow! that’s some good inspiration!.. I’m around the same height as well, lol 😀 >< Thanks for sharing that! It's nice to see people providing motivation for others 🙂 I've wanted to do archery for quite some time.. I hope I could do it soon.. Need some monehs 🙁

  5. savage495 says:

    I’m partially joking as well. Where’s the sense of humor?

  6. savage495 says:

    Iron sighs on a bow (not literally made of iron) consist of a peep sight embedded in the string and graduated posts or single post to greatly aid in aiming, I’m sure you’ve seen them before. And people that shoot like that generally use sights. Any good archers that I’ve seen not using sights (including me) shoot with the index knuckle just below the eye and not under the chin.

  7. Ayman AE says:

    is this movie any good

  8. Judith Jareau says:

    Wow, body shape? Anyone with a sharp eye can master Archery. With tons of practise and technique, it will be easy to pick up. It has nothing to do with body shape or height. I was one of the best at marksmanship in the province I lived in. I was in cadets. I was only 5’1ft. and quite amazing at it. I was ranked #2. I was 15.

  9. Judith Jareau says:

    Some of have been doing archery before the book ever existed. Some people are not aware of how awesome it is until they see a character from a movie or another individual taking up the sport. Either way, it does not want entail they are wannabes. I think its great that people want to try it out. Maybe get everyone off using guns for hunting/sporting. I taught myself when I was younger than 6, so you are full of crap lol.

  10. Samc1998 says:

    Iron sights just mean the basic sight that usualy comes with the weopon

  11. coiner10 says:

    Or both.

  12. roythearcher says:

    Because he is either jealous of greater skill or he knows nothing of this subject!

  13. roythearcher says:

    I don’t know where you shoot but I shoot recurve and I don’t know of a single bow-sight that is made from iron!
    She is shooting longbow with no sights at all so the anchor point would not be the same as recurve and compound is different again. They all have different styles and to be good at any discipline you need to practice. Compound bows are not included in the Olympics (only the Paralympics) so do your research before commenting and making yourself look foolish!

  14. coiner10 says:

    Why do you have to put other people down just because they use a different bow?

  15. coiner10 says:

    I find it interesting that they made her shoot with a target archery style instead of a more traditional way.

  16. Jesse Cohen says:

    Here here! I don’t want to be Hawkeye either, but the recent slew of archery centric heroes in cinema has reminded me how much I miss archery from my days at Junior College, so I’m starting again. Whatever inspires you to take up something, don’t fret it, just appreciate and enjoy.

  17. agentpoder says:

    just cuz we start archery cuz of a movie dosnt make us wannabes and some of us are dedicated thank you

  18. AstyleFR says:

    legolas should kill her.

  19. LoveTheWanted19 says:

    i LOVEEEEEEE your green bow and matching nails!!:)


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