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Hoyt Horizon 25″ riser & Shibuya DX plunger that won’t thread in–need some help

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Hey guys, fairly new to archery. For my first riser I chose a Hoyt Horizon from Lancaster Archery with a Sebastian Flute Ultimate Rest. Have been shooting bare-bow and I finally got to the point where I was looking to get a sight and plunger, and so went through Lancaster again and picked up a Shibuya Dual-Click and DX. Now I find this riser doesn’t want to accept the plunger?! I thought this would have been a fairly common setup, but the plunger has trouble starting to thread in and when it finally does, it only goes in a few threads before getting stuck. Is there some sizing issue that I wasn’t aware of? My Hoyt didn’t have anything in the manual about the thread pitch on the two mount holes so I assumed that everything would match right up.

Has anyone else used a Horizon and Shibuya DX together before? Should I contact Hoyt directly or Lancaster next?


I just found a review on Lancaster that I hadn’t caught before I bought it:


"Good for the price but …. Review by Edwin
Ordered the Black Out and I’m impressed by the looks. I tried attaching my long
rod after cleaning the stab bushing with compressed air and it would not go in. The start thread just won’t bite bite unless you apply pressure. Once in, it’s very hard to turn. I was afraid it might strip the thread of my long rod so I decided to take it to a nearby archery store where they re-tapped it. Turned out it was not tapped properly. I think it would not cost quality control another minute to make sure all the holes are properly tapped. I know this is not a high end riser but this is where neubies like me start to develop brand loyalty so a little care in inspection will go a long way."

Uh Oh.

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