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Categorized | Compound Bow

How to Shoot a Compound Bow

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This educational video will show you how to shoot a compound bow step by step, by covering all topics. For more hunting tips see my ebook at www.cmoneyyebooks.info
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This is Brendan and his freind Mel shooting their compound bows at Spen Victoria. Anyway hope you like it.

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44 Responses to “How to Shoot a Compound Bow”

  1. mwillh says:

    Excellent info for the beginner. Thanks very much!!!

  2. greyghost1101 says:

    There are some ranges around the country that wont allow you to shoot without an arm guard . its a safety thing with them .

  3. daisy8luke says:

    No, it just means you haven’t yet learned how to shoot the bow with a little flex in your arm. Don’t be mean.

  4. daisy8luke says:

    Placement of this index fletching is dependent upon your arrow rest. With a Whisker Biscuit, it is a non-issue, since the three fletchings will go through the Whisker Biscuit regardless of their orientation. With the drop-away rest, the index feather is placed facing downward, so the other two fletchings do not strike the rest and throw off the trajectory of the arrow as it passes through the rest. Hope this helps!

  5. daisy8luke says:

    It isn’t cannibalism if you’re not eating other people. That would be weird.

  6. Aros Irwin says:

    Good video but I’m not convinced that you “harvest” deer. I don’t think it’s the correct terminology. More importantly, I don’t have a whisker biscuit or a drop away arrow rest. Is that going to stop me using it?

  7. MrLincksbrian says:

    just like my bow that helps

  8. TheRuckerproductions says:

    over here in england its called a cock father and should be placed up away from the bow hence the term cock up so it dont touch the bow as it pass’s after relase

  9. TheRuckerproductions says:

    youd be right handed im left handed and i draw the bow with my left hand

  10. delimac59 says:

    Thanks for the info! Very useful for a beginner like me!

  11. saintsoldier530 says:

    If I held a bow with my left hand and pulled back with my right would that he considered a left hand or right hand bow

  12. iced0g122 says:

    If you have an arm guard it means you shouldn’t have a bow

  13. QrayzHD says:

    poor decoy, why dont you go shoot a real deer you monster! you cant even kill a decoy! what are you a girl or something!

  14. Daz Rat says:


  15. Kwin2006 says:

    Daryl should use a compound bow instead of a crossbow in #TWD

  16. shittyfuck says:

    why do u need to place the King feather down ?

  17. BBSHOCKZ says:

    Grrr I want to hunt but its illegal in the uk 😐

  18. MrEmerye says:

    I had questions about compound bow hunting and this video explained every question i had in a professional way . thanks to whom put this vid out.. thank you you tube. You make learning so many things easier for me. I now can fix about anything, and do anything because of the great people out there willing to show the tricks of the trade. you tube is better then college if you find the right teachers willing to make a video . love you tube

  19. Kevin Millard says:

    do you have to use a release string or can you saftly use the bow with out it

  20. pathfinderLXXIV says:

    Well done.

  21. BruteConcepts says:

    I normally dont comment against stupidity but this just pisses me off. The guy in the blue probably has a bow that was brand new in 2007. But the old man has a bow thats probably 10 years older and he is pulling it back like its nothing. Im pretty sure none of you guys would shoot the bow he has.

  22. Jaxson singleton says:

    I just saw a 200 yard shot with a bow

  23. maoristereo says:

    did you actually say “zombie apolalypse”?

  24. Lou DeMartino says:

    where is the grouping?

  25. Scot Clark says:

    Guy in blue has the better bow.—–Just sayin’.

  26. meetsouder says:

    not only for zombies… think about hunting man. deer run away from loud noises…

  27. 1972ibleedcrimson says:

    Search for the “Epic 150 yard archery shot” headshot

  28. forbzy61 says:

    youll run out of ammo in no time. a machatte is where its at

  29. Nicholas Rudd says:

    id be happy if i could even hit the target let alone get grouping

  30. Legendary51908 says:

    False. Maybe by a good chance you can kill a deer with a 45lb bow at a close range but the least (if your a hunter with experience) everyone knows that it should be 50lb to kill a deer. No I don’t work out just to draw back a high weight bow, there are techniques even a simple minded scrub as yourself can use to draw back a high weight bow. There are traditional bows that are much more powerful than a compound but I doubt that you anything about that. If you do use a 40lb bow then you sir are a

  31. MrKillerkeks82 says:

    @legendary:if there comes an 120lb Out u go in gym and Train your draw Arm,right?go in the forrest and shoot 3 deers that stand in a line if u find some…noob!thats Target precision shooting!u can kill an deer with an 40 lb bow also.u just have to Hit the right Spot.

  32. Legendary51908 says:

    Compound bows often have higher draw weight, they are often more powerful than classic bows. Compounds aren’t only just sights you know it also takes skill to shoot one properly, I’d like to see one of you teenage faggots try and draw a 80 pound bow HA!

  33. TheSeth4444 says:

    Is nateforthepeople crazy?!!! Zombies aren’t real

  34. TheSeth4444 says:

    Those are stabilizers

  35. anonymootle says:

    What are those pointy things poking forward out the bottom of their bows?

  36. vojnikoz says:

    someone’s been watching to much walking dead

  37. MegaRocketLaunch says:

    i hate it when top comments are a reply to someones comment cus it means i have to look for that comment!

  38. dncbeats says:

    what is the product name of the lefthand bow ??

  39. pumpkinsoul12 says:

    i really dont like the look of those bows, too much shit on them.
    guess ill make one out of wood during the summer

  40. dadoody says:

    I like how serene everything is

  41. nateforthepeople says:

    @blackasassin1 you buy a bow because they’re QUIET. Try firing off rounds during the zombie apocalypse, you’ll have a herd on you within minutes. With a bow/arrow, you can do a silent kill, move on, and no one’s the wiser. Plus, you pull the arrow out of the zombie’s skull and use it again!

  42. dianeharris72 says:

    what type of bows or those

  43. wihuntclub says:

    yeah and bow season for deer is way longer and you have a better chance of seeing deer

  44. Alex Clark says:

    @blakasassin1 you’re an idiot


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