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How To Make a Hunger Games District 12 Arrow Part 1 – Arrow Shaft

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Part 1 — Preparing the Arrow Shaft – http://youtu.be/fF-aUZu3_js Part 2 — Making and Hafting the Broadhead – http://youtu.be/jmIaD6rIZkY Part 3 — Fletchin…

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18 Responses to “How To Make a Hunger Games District 12 Arrow Part 1 – Arrow Shaft”

  1. CRAZY03ify says:

    Dude what’s up with ur ear?

  2. jweber45 says:

    Dude, you need a Dremmel tool to use when making your notches and cuts. Much easier than the hack saw approach. Just a suggestion. Also, when youre doing your finally assemblies we need a few more wide shots to see what you’re doing. I’m slow man, I need as many visuals as I can get! 🙂 Otherwise, these vids are great man, thanks for sharing!

  3. semih aydin says:

    can you make a list or something for what we need to make the arrow and for the bow, you can write it on the comments

    ps; sorry if there is some bad grammar i am from the netherlands so I am not very good in it.

  4. tristan lawrence says:

    made my on bow man..thanks backyardbowyer!.

  5. worldrular says:

    a strait stick that you chop out of a tree works just the same

  6. Dash Costello says:

    thumbs up for the 1,368 viewer

  7. Jesse Balde says:

    what can i use aside from wooden dowels to serve as arrows? apparently i couldnt find wooden dowels in ANY hardware stores in my place

  8. Daniel Moulder says:

    Just made my 1st bow (the simple, no heat one) and got some dowels & tie plates for the arrows. I’m a shooter & can’t find ammo right now. Figured I’d try this since the bows in the shop are in the $400 + range!

  9. sarcasm2k says:

    Nick. You kept me up all night. I had to watch the next video. I’m going to make my own bow 🙂 I have to convert the imperial measurements to metric though, ‘coz these inches and pounds make no sense to a Norwegian as myself. 🙂

    Fantastic videos, you’re really handy.

  10. rlj151 says:

    Hi Nick. I just found your channel and must say you have a great channel and so great detail on your home built bows and arrows. I am impressed by the number of books you have written and am about to buy a couple of them and make a trip to home depot to get myself some pvc pipe to build myself one of your bows. Thanks!

    Rod – Vancouver, Canada

  11. 3Y3ECE says:

    Hahhah, that’s awesome! Thank you!

  12. BackyardBowyer says:

    Best. Comment. Ever.

  13. danielrodriguez285 says:

    I use 3/8 dowels is that fine.

  14. MrArcher0 says:

    I just wanted to say first that I am a HUGE FAN of your channel and follow you every chance I get. With that said the only thing I would change in this is hardening your ends with your hot air gun. This will strenghten your shafts greatly. Just toast em like a marshmello – golden brown, then finnish.

  15. Andrew B says:

    i actually drill a hole in the end of the dowel, and put in a store bought nock from walmart. though, i understand you were going for movie accuracy with what you did.

  16. ethantherockstar1 says:


  17. 3Y3ECE says:

    I guess I dont understand the first comment game, or why it matters who is first. I’ll be the first to actually comment on the video, and I’d like to say ‘Thank you, Backyard Bowyer’ I appreciate your straight-forward, no-frills, hands-on approach to archery. It’s inspired me enough to get off my butt and buy one of your books and a bunch of dacron, and a heat gun, and build your adjustable jig, etc… Thanks!!

  18. Fazrol Rozi says:



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