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How Fred Bear Makes Compound Bows

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How Fred Bear Makes Compound Bows

A review of Factory to Field’s first visit to the Fred Bear Factory shows how their compound bow is made. Also available on You Tube – How Fred Bear Makes Re…

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21 Responses to “How Fred Bear Makes Compound Bows”

  1. RandyLeftHandy says:

    He makes his bows with the tears of grizzly bears.

  2. IntheLowcountry says:

    Looks easy

  3. Combat Archery says:


  4. The American Outdoorsman says:

    Well, no, we don’t call this a tour and I’m not sure where you got that impression. This is a QUICK 4 minute review/compilation of a half hour TV program – so it is completely understandable if you feel like something is missing. But maybe some good news – we have opened a Factory to Field Channel on You Tube and will be uploading from more shows: like the BowTech Destroyer which is first in the que. More crap is coming your way 🙂

  5. calibowhunt says:

    bear archery is number one

  6. julianneer says:

    thats exactly what i was thinking lol

  7. Rexin Oridle says:

    All the research for Crysis 3

  8. extreme1is1me says:

    4:05 i got that same bow =D

  9. aus5050 says:

    just to add i love this bow and it shoots awesome just wish i didnt have these issues,bear carnage 70# 2011.

  10. aus5050 says:

    who ever inspected my bow missed that the cam was leaning so bad the module rubbed the cable on drawing back,had to take it back to the pro shop,they shimmed it and twisted the cable to get it straight,when i was waiting i checked the other one on the rack and it was doing the same thing,also my bow was shipped at 71# and after 6 months the string had streched and all i could get out of it was 65#,replaced the strings with winners choice string and got it back up to 72#,

  11. uobobdun says:

    All Mathews are made in Sparta, Wi.

  12. VegaWgn says:

    yea well they arent made overseas…mathews might be but bear bows are made in gainsville florida

  13. The308Reason says:

    I would have bought a Carnage, but i didn’t like the idea of replacing those fancy dampeners when they get shot out, i ended up with another HOYT

  14. xCirca1993x says:

    Primos sponsored the Truth 2 it also comes with orange and green strings

  15. Anthony Gonzalez says:

    i was gonna get a fred bear but ended up getting a redhead kronik…kinda wish i had gotten the fred bear though lol

  16. Alexander Fletcher says:

    I made my first bow when i was 12.

  17. eric russell says:

    i love how way back you used to be able to just go hunting anytime, anywhere, and hunt anything you want…now the usa is full of a bunch of pussies, and we have laws on everything…i can go out in my woods, make a bow, but i cant do anything with it…the usa sucks now

  18. The308Reason says:

    why is the truth 2 the only bear bow with orange instead of white on the grip

  19. uobobdun says:

    Interesting. I’ve overheard my local Mathews dealer tell more than one person that all Bear bows were made in overseas. He’s a great tuner and sales person and this was why I went with Mathews.

  20. joydivis says:


  21. Team Wild TV says:

    Check it out! How my Bear Carnage Compound bow was made! Awesome 🙂


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