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bow making. help with a little Q&A

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i have yet to design any templates for the bow i wish to make
and please excuse me if this is the wrong forum for this. i did look down the mains but not the subs

i have a few questions i would like to ask before i start building
and as far as advice goes, though i would be absolutely to recieve it. i know the internet can be fickle, please be kind?

i would like to make a bow but my google fu has turned up little on the mechanics i need to really worry about here

———- the main event ————

first off. compound bows vs. "normal" bows

1. if i had a compound bow and a normal (non recurve) bow, which limbs (assuming same length and thickness) which would flex more and which would give a longer draw length

2. assuming i had a design for a regular bow, that could easily be converted to that of a compound, would the addition of cams and a different system of string apply more stress to the limbs upon draw and/or release

3. assuming the answer to 2 is yes. to what degree is the extra force, are we talking tens, hundreds, or thousands of pounds. a rough approximate is fine.

4. limb material. as far as it goes i have more then a few ideas of what would work. as it stands weight is a concern. but i would wonder about the properties of spring steel. mainly the effect it would have on archery. if there weight of the limb would have any effect on the speed of the bow, or if it would be better to go the rout of Ti or a Ti alloy (Assuming i go metal and not another piece)

5. as far as the cam goes i am confidant i could build one strong enough to withstand most loads. assuming i build a compound bow. BUT i would like to understand the loads the cam and limbs are under. in greater detail if any one is familliar with this sort of thing

6. thanks to anyone who gives any answer and double to any who shed light on the information i will need. give yourselfs a pat on the back for me would ya?

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