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Best size ATV (only used or hunting and plowing my driveway) #archery

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I currently have a 2012 Polaris 800. It has given me zero issues, runs and rides well, and plows well. That being said, I realized that having an ATV on my property is critical so I am contemplating getting a second one as backup and for my wife to use should we ever be hunting in different directions and want to take separate vehicles. When I originally purchased my 800 I got caught up in the size matters game but I have been hearing a lot from friends that smaller (in this case) is actually better for several reasons. They are typically more nimble in the woods (although I have never not felt nimble on my 800). They typically break less (not sure if this is true or not). They cost less (now this is certainly true). They are better on gas (also true but I really do not care about this). Because I will likely be buying either slightly used or new I am thinking of just going with a Honda since they seem to always get best reviews for lasting forever. I do not care about the bells and whistles. For those of you who have a 500 or smaller sized quad have you ever felt under powered? if so, what was the situation? thanks.

My Needs are as follows:
1. can plow my driveway, which is about the size of 2-3 neighborhood house type driveways in length. I have heard tires are most important here (adding weight also helps)
2. 4 wheel drive
3. automatic
4. can carry a person and a deer with no problem OR carry two people. Does not NEED to have two-up seating but needs to be able to handle two people (I would likely need new suspension springs but that is ok).
5. will give me little to no problems minus normal maintenance

Here are my nice-to-haves but not deal breakers:
1. relatively quiet (which is another reason for going smaller)
2. power steering (definitely not needed but certainly nice to have)
3. head light on the handle bars (this definitely helps with plowing since when the plow is up it tends to block the lower lights).

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