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Best Arrow Fletching For Broadheads

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Best Arrow Fletching For Broadheads

Best Arrow Fletching For Broadheads http://www.starrflight.com Never Fletch an arrow again. Benefits of an Engineered Airfoil Superior flight characteristics…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

how the make a paper broad head arrow…this arrow head has steel parts in it and can be VERY dangerous I AM NOT RESPONSABLE FOR INJURIES AND/OR DAMAGES CAUS…

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13 Responses to “Best Arrow Fletching For Broadheads”

  1. Daniel Rivera says:

    ok, a bundle of 50 or 25? how many?

  2. Returacan says:

    a bundle of paper clips

  3. Daniel Rivera says:

    i dont have a finishin nail yet, in trying to find an alternative result for the nail, is it possible to use many paper clips as a subtitution for the finishing nail?

  4. TheMacason says:

    It’s possible, Depending on the bow. (If it’s a crappy bow then no)

  5. kelson12345 says:

    do you think you can take a small deer with this?

  6. gregory valdez says:

    where is your video on how to make a bow

  7. fcwinkler says:

    u funny

  8. YukonOutdoors says:

    Prison inmates don’t get tape for the reason that you can easily make weapons.

  9. pepcidcomplete007 says:

    ok i have only one flaw with my arrows my bow has a 27 inch draw length and my arrows are 25 inches so its more like a bow flaw but it prohibits me from getting my fullest extent out of them

  10. pepcidcomplete007 says:

    um yes i was watching myth busters and some dude made a paper cross bow and escaped and some other dude a gun out of pluming parts

  11. hunterwr69 says:

    OK still must have sucked though

  12. jamarcusjones says:

    yeah it didnt go through a bone or anything just the part between my thumb and index finger

  13. hunterwr69 says:

    oh ok is your hand still working fine now that it’s been a while?


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