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barnett commando 175lb crossbow

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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43 Responses to “barnett commando 175lb crossbow”

  1. animaltendencies says:

    thanks for your sub – did you leave your ‘i’m in’ on funky’s video too, otherwise you might not be on his list?
    all the best,

  2. animaltendencies says:

    hello there,
    fantastic bow isn’t it? i didn’t know the mech was rare as bow design goes – wonder why they made it different?
    it worked, whatever their reasons. ‘… nostalgic, innovative and well built…’ – right on. the tv star of xbows, hahaha!

  3. 41youandme says:

    Im in

  4. ar15f117 says:

    I am a vintage Barnett Crossbow collector and I have two Commando Crossbows. This is the only crossbow that I know of where the flat bolt nock must actually sit forward of the cocking mechanism flange (not against the string) so that the string does not jump over the bolt causing a dry fire condition. This warning is in the user manual. This is the most nostalgic, innovative and well built crossbow ever. No crossbow in history appeared in as many movies and shows in the 1980’s as the Commando.

  5. animaltendencies says:

    that reminds me of the joke about the three legged chicken…
    good for a big family – everyone gets a leg!

  6. animaltendencies says:

    thanks, glad you enjoyed it.
    you won’t regret it if you get one – a great piece of kit.
    i’m not sure the bow would’ve helped with that particular spider – it would have pulled out the bolt and kept on coming!

  7. everydayatomic says:

    I have been thinking about getting a crossbow…thanks for the vid! Keep them spiders at bay my friend! 🙂

  8. evillabrador1 says:

    Should have used that bow on that spider. Fed a family for a week.

    Thats a very good video.

  9. animaltendencies says:

    hi craig, it does deserve some sort of title dunnit? ‘if carlsberg did car bootsale finds…’
    it even came with a woven leather strap which i stuck on my djembe drum. bonus.
    glad you liked it mate!

  10. animaltendencies says:

    cheers buddy, yeah i’m lucky to have found a landowner that’s kind enough to share!
    not bad for 60(ish) yds… always room for improvement though. practice practice practice.

  11. animaltendencies says:

    i’ll have to look into it – drop leg mod, here we come!

  12. animaltendencies says:

    long may we all have two plans…

  13. Leaf Life Bushcraft says:

    Thats probably the best car boot find in the world. Cracking video Mick

    all the best bud


  14. armouredcockroach says:

    As always mick to notch and great shooting, what a place you’ve found there be safe Brother, love to all. Roach

  15. animaltendencies says:

    it’s definitely a good one to have. glad you enjoyed it, hope to do another xbow vid soon.
    mick. 8~}

  16. Lone Wolf says:

    Spot on mate… It’s been on the list.

  17. animaltendencies says:

    ‘tactical tendencies – a sub division of animal tendencies. bringing preparedness to a woodland near you.’
    you should see it with a lamp on it as well – now that’s tac.

  18. animaltendencies says:

    hi ed,
    yeah, good thanks, hope you are too?
    when you see one of these at a boot sale, you can’t very well walk on by can you – not at that price!
    mick. 8~}

  19. Stephen Scearce says:

    That was facking hilarious.

  20. ilee9624 says:

    haha, that’s a still from Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!

  21. StickySp00nz says:

    Your profile picture looks like you’re taking a hard shit too.

  22. Headphonereviewguy says:

    They should add canoniers

  23. ilee9624 says:

    you always sound like you’re taking a hard shit while you’re talking

  24. Cthetheslayer says:

    8:11 pedo voice no, no

  25. SuperMooshrooms says:


  26. MinecraftPal says:

    Jesus you are deadly with that dagger

  27. FTJlegit says:

    since i stopped watching spum hes moved from pg13 to 14a

  28. EpicFroggz says:

    Spum did you die or something you haven’t uploaded for 3 days

  29. TeemoNasus says:

    Take your time bro

  30. Asadi Ceccarelli says:

    You’re actually alright with a crossbow.

  31. ReignPhoenix12 says:

    I almost died. 5 times from laughing.

  32. ItzBearandBluey says:


  33. Napoleonthe98th says:

    terra firma? pls?

  34. shanedutton888 says:

    You actually did pretty well.

  35. ImpossibleWays says:


  36. olives003 says:

    Please slow down the frames for slo mo for headshots

  37. GliderCommander says:

    Are you not doing Terraria anymore?

  38. John Egbert says:

    @DirtyKingJulien Check his feed on his channel.

  39. marcusxsg1 says:

    Well done Spumuse, this out-do’s BF3

  40. Julien Steinbach says:

    Where are the terra firma videos? Miss em

  41. Coopopteric says:

    These are good videos, Spum. It’s nice to see someone not be amazing at a game as a change of pace, and it seems like you’re really enjoying yourself which adds to the awesomeness. Keep up the good work.

  42. The25thBusShow says:

    Oh come on… I really want to make music with you…

  43. FailBerryI3 says:

    He did……


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