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Arrow~RushOutdoors-Swhacker Broadhead

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Mike talks about,The Swhacker Broadhead,and why it is the only broadhead we use!
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6 Responses to “Arrow~RushOutdoors-Swhacker Broadhead”

  1. Mike monroe says:

    We are Sponsored by Swhacker,but we have never EVER had one not open.Just shot a groundhog yesterday 42 yards ripped him apart.He made it down his hole 8 yards away from where I shot him,but there was enough blood to easily tell he’s done for! Find us on Facebook guys search “Arrow-Rush Outdoors”

  2. Mike monroe says:

    Depends on where you hit it,if you shoot the lungs or heart you should kill it.Not sure how much penetration.

  3. hunter45694 says:

    rage is what i us but my dad shot a deer with the swhacker and the swhackers didnt expand

  4. 1flatrack says:

    i dont think 40 lbs is enough umpff

  5. pigslayers2359 says:

    do you think a 40lb bow with a 125 grain swhacker will take a hog down how much penetration?

  6. Archeryinbowsinfun says:

    i shoot the swhacker too love them


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