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Any advice for new ASA 3d shooter this coming season….

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First off , I am completely new to anything other than local shoots , 3d only, and I know this is the general archery section, but thought I would receive more comments.
I have shot locally for the last 6 years , and honestly don’t know how I would stack up against other people on a national level , and a good friend of mine finally convinced me to give it a try , so this coming year I plan on shooting several ASA events , and hopefully a couple IBO shoots.
I feel like I shoot decent, but there is certainly room for improvement, and I am used to shooting unknown, but earlier this year , before my wife’s accident and I was forced to sell my 3d bow , I started shooting known 50 for the first time ever shooting known , and I really enjoyed it , but only got to shoot 7 shoots with my bow , before I was forced to sell it due to her being out of work. I have no idea that if the scores that I have been averaging locally would even put me on the board at an ASA shoot.
I shot a few shoots with my hunting setup, but only 7 with my dedicated 3d bow this past season. I have no idea if I can shoot good enough to even compete , and from all of the advice that I have received locally from ASA shooters is that I should have been at this a couple of years ago.
I shoot 30 targets , Known 50, locally now after 6 years of unknown , but due to nerves and lack of confidence I plan on shooting Open C starting out , and hopefully don’t embarrass myself too bad….Lol.
I know little about ASA , and hope that anyone out there could give me any advice on my upcoming season.
I honestly don’t know if I will even be competitive, but I feel that it would be fun to finally try it , at least a few times, so any advice or help at all would be much appreciated….
Thanks guys…

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