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Ain’t going back

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Have been using a caliper type wrist release but recently got a handheld, the TRU Ball Max Pro 4, and I ain’t going back. Today was only my third day at the range with it but my accuracy results have improved drastically. Wasn’t shooting bad with the wrist release but the first time I got to draw with a handheld just felt better to me. I get a better anchor and that may have something to do with it but geez my accuracy now is amazing me. I was satisfied before with getting a couple bulleyes and staying in the 5 ring but now the majority is in the X. Not saying I’m a great shot by no means but I’m quite amazed. Even when I think I may have slopped one downrange it still lands inside the X ring. The shop even let me try out a TRU-Fire Hardcore 4 Finger and the results were very similar. I may still use a wrist release to keep the familiarity just in case but yep I ain’t going back.

Anyone else have had similar results when changing from a wrist to a handheld release?

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