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3rd Hand Archery Products!!!

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:thumbs_up I ordered 2 sets of 3rd Hand Archery Tree stand Treads Saturday…They Arrived Today!!! (Does Jim know a Postman???) Anyway…I was sceptacle…I always am spending money for what I would consider extras…All I can say is…WOW! These threads fit perfect…are simple to install and after 2 hours are on for good! I put them on my Summitt Goliath and my Summit Specialist…They fit like a glove and quieted the stand immediately. I put on a couple and then took my finger and flicked the thread next to it…loud noise…then flicked tread…NOTHING! I mean it was like turning the volume down on my radio! I have bought so many things I never use…I have become pretty frugal on extras. Well I can tell you for sure…If you own/use a Summit Climbing Tree Stand you need 2 things for sure:

1. 3rd Hand Archery Stabilizer Straps (They make a Good Stand a Great Stand…) Safety is something we never think about until me get in trouble!

2. The 3rd Hand Archery Tree Stand Treads…They are great for wet boots squeaking…keep your stand quiet from creaks and are a perfect fit!!!

I will try to post pictures…But I’m from Baby Boomer Generation so simple computer things are often quite difficult!

Oh yeah…before someone asks…I don’t work for 3rd Hand Archery…not a pro staffer etc… I met Jim a few years ago at the Columbus Ohio Deer and Turkey Expo and after 30 minutes of looking at his products I became very interested…Now I’m hooked for life!!!

I hope everyone has a great season this year!!!

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