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200 Yard Crossbow shot

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BowHunterPlanet.com’s Tom Smith takes you from the 150 yard episode to the now 200 yard shot. Watch as Tom hits this incredible shot with amazing precision. Never before has anyone online made a shot of this caliber. This shot is an amazing accomplishment not only for Tom but the sponsors as well. Using a Darton Fireforce Crossbow Tom completes a series of Long distance shots all the way up to 200 yards! Brought to you by: Darton Archery Trijicon Lumenok HHA Sports Opti-Logic Alpen Optics American Whitetail Targets BowHunterPlanet.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The Slingshot Channel has presented several rubber powered crossbows in the past. The bullet shooting bullpup design is one of the most popular designs. This time, the bullpup concept has been used to make a crossbow that shoots full size arrows – with broadheads, too! The weapon is made out of inexpensive wood. It weighs about 4 lb (1800 gramms) and is 87 cm long. The weapon is shown with a red dot sighting system. A truly accurate shooter! In the bonus part, a knife from the French artisan Geoffroy Gautier is presented, a trade against a handmade slingshot. The sheath is home made, from Multiplex wood. Last not least, the Assegai shooter is tested against the body armour – with devastating results. A “The Slingshot Channel” production!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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45 Responses to “200 Yard Crossbow shot”

  1. noodle050 says:

    U could use a rc car so u can strap them on it saves the walk :p

  2. galuiboo says:

    Nice shot

  3. lesjcbs says:

    Lets see, you mean to say no one else is capable of making this kind of shot, that so called experst are the only ones capable of doing it. Well, think again.

  4. botsnaken says:

    How many shots before you hit? How many hits after you dial in? No groupings?

  5. TOPROLLER101 says:

    great shot i have the CX COVERT SLS and i can take 140 shot right on the money once again great shot.

  6. TheReturningShadow says:

    I am curious about human size targets NOT on the ground. Did you try them at all or was the arc too much for the bow?

  7. Stirlinggenerator says:

    Well done…!!!
    Best wishes from Bavaria / Germany. 🙂

  8. jacksmithWIT says:

    this guys got a hogs tooth. 200 yrd shot no big deal 😀

  9. trappolaify says:

    when you do the test tac 15? also installed a super optical type a Meopta I think we came to 250

  10. ThreeDudesPlayingIn says:

    Now.. You go to bulets!

  11. Abdullah Aldosari says:

    1080p :D

  12. DJParkesie959II says:

    Is the song by Van Halen? Sounds a lot like it.

  13. astonifyed says:

    dat intro graphic!

  14. BowHunterPlanet says:

    The Tac 15 does have longer bolts which should make it go far. That might have to be our next try. See how far we can get a TAC 15 to go on target.

  15. WolfTheMadMan says:

    Well tac 15’s were made for long distance shots. I’ve seen a dude stack bolts in a group right in the bullseye at 100 yards with a tac 15. This is a much shorter range crossbow. I’m assuming it’s either 150 lbs or 175.

  16. davidroxs says:

    they should re do this with a pse! just wanna see the comparison in accuracy and strength lol probably take less shots to make the shot too

  17. dispatcher7007 says:

    come on… we all did that in half life 2! 😀

    Nice shot! how many tries?

  18. mjchunter says:

    can do that over and over

  19. MrBuckkiller55 says:

    Add enough trial and error and most shots are possible. I can take a 300 yard shot with my .22 even. I just have to account for breeze, drop, and then i can hit my target.

  20. ThePatdaddy83 says:

    i gotta say i am impressed more than anything with it hitting the target in that wind

  21. Stihlpony says:

    I’ve done that with my tac 15 !!!! So what !!

  22. MicroscopicTruth says:

    What would be the longest distance in this scenario where you could humanely take down a deer for example?

  23. stefanr00 says:

    US marine sniper huh? Don’t they teach you to keep hold of the trigger after firing?

    Nice video anyhow.

  24. RacerXGTO says:

    “Would not want to shoot an animal at this range with this bow..”

    Hmmm. Point taken. Amazing what the Roman archer force did with a simple bow an arrow at 200+ yards in battle, centuries ago.

  25. Bradley Torres says:

    I made a weapon out of a rubber band and a paper clip (didn’t work out)

  26. primativehunter18 says:

    where do u get all the rubber from to make ur or my projects please i want to know

  27. Alex Barlow says:

    … Will you adopt me, Joerg? Please?

  28. MrLucks94 says:

    You can kill an animal with a fucking marshmallow if you want to, whats that kind of question supposed to be?

  29. Zac Corrado says:

    Sorry if this has already been answered: What happened to your pinky in the video? it is bloody.

  30. blackhawkguns bob says:

    joerg I’m building my own design of one similar to yours is it a good idea to use a magnet to keep the ball in place or just use a vertical wood block and a different trigger mechanism ?

  31. fullfofire says:

    ur awsome

  32. ilikepie867 says:

    you can get it on ebay, or other places like that, look up theraband gold.

  33. MrJjninja5596 says:

    were do you get the rubber from

  34. Sumner Mclain says:

    this is amazing!!! i would love to see the tutorial for this…

  35. snutrs says:

    lack of interest (it’s not one of his most popular videos). He said so in the comments below

  36. JoergSprave says:

    Laser? There’s no laser, just a red dot sight.

  37. baddoggie101 says:

    I always admire people who know how to build things. I would, however, suggest that the laser sight be placed under the bow to make loading of arrows easier.

  38. 7278939496 says:


  39. adam peak says:

    Why was it cancelled?

  40. TheMaximum442 says:

    This is probably my favorite invention of yours. A tutorial is necessary! haha

  41. owen burce says:

    can you kill an animal with it?

  42. FalltoAbism says:


  43. damncritics says:


  44. trolollin says:

    me too

  45. JoergSprave says:



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