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175lb Crossbow vs Stab Proof Vest

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Skip to Test – 00:39 . Long version of this video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5L7DEkpzetI 175lb Draw weight Crossbow with Broad heads vs SP1/KR1 Protec…
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17 Responses to “175lb Crossbow vs Stab Proof Vest”

  1. ProjectsBlack says:

    Ok seen it, im off there now 😉

  2. WeaponCollector says:

    No, you are NOT right my friend, its a soft foam target , the perfect thing to resemble the human body,

    watch my other version of this video where i explain everything, this is NOT done against hard board, its done against a soft foam crossbow target mate.

  3. RushNReady says:

    you need to take it of the hard board you got it on. you need to put something soft behind it that will resemble human tissue. am i right in thinking thats grey carpet on top of wood if so thats the reason why they did not penetrate the stab proof panel because behind it was to hard , re do it with a soft backing see what happens

  4. WeaponCollector says:

    if I can get a broad head like that I will re do this video,

    feel free to try this yourself and do a video, or send me a 2 blade broad head. thank you.

  5. mike dothan says:

    you’re not using the right kind of broad head for this test,
    you need to use a “cut on contact” broad head, preferably a 2 blade. thank you.

  6. carnage6ar says:

    really wow

  7. sean hitner says:

    how do u use a brasskuckle

  8. WeaponCollector says:

    stabproofvest . co. uk, lol, thee are links in the more info section.

  9. carnage6ar says:

    were in the bloody hell do you get stab proof vest

  10. mike borg says:

    you make the vids about the things we are thinking about awsome mate keep it up,

  11. WARHEO545 says:

    I’ll check it out.

  12. WARHEO545 says:

    I’ll check it out.

  13. WeaponCollector says:

    where are you from mate, if in the U.K try Blades and Bows . com

    they have this crossbow for £198.99 ad od really great crossbows for less than £65

  14. WARHEO545 says:

    I a want to buy a crossbow just like yours But is it expensive? I don’t feel like paying for a expensive crossbow. What is the model or brand?

  15. BritishEagle77 says:

    Great video surprised it didn’t do more damage

  16. gunner17722 says:

    Good test

  17. mark2shark says:

    Cant believe that didnt go right thru!! Wouldve smashed a rib or two though..and winded real bad…wonder if a small caliber bullet would penetrate it or a spear/axe/??


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