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XOP Air Raid vs Millenium M150 #archery

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Hello all,

New(ish) hunter here looking to gear up for NEXT season once this year’s stock starts going on sale in a few weeks. This year I’m borrowing a friends compound bow and I picked up a cheapo ladder stand at Menards for $ 70 to put up on some public land. The stand is pretty miserable to be in with its 10" x 19" standing platform and even smaller seat, not to mention all the racket it makes when being quiet is essential.

I’m pretty set on a hang on stand with sticks for my first setup (climber will be added later) and I’ve been looking pretty hard at the XOP Air Raid (and their set of 4 sticks) due to its light weight and quiet cast construction … but then I went and sat in the Millennium M150 last weekend and when people say it’s like sitting in a recliner, they’re not misspeaking. By far the most comfortable seat I’ve put my rear in.

For you experienced hunters out there: does comfort trump everything else for you? While it is of course subjective, I think the XOP wins out in every other category with it having more features, quieter cast construction, roughly 5# lighter, and $ 50 cheaper give or take a little. I’m leaning heavily towards the XOP but I really question my comfort level in it having not sat in one yet. Currently I’m standing up probably 75% of the time but I think a lot of that is due to the cheap stand I’m in … with a more comfortable stand I think I’d be much more likely to sit for longer periods. I’ll also be switching to a crossbow for 2018 due to some shoulder issues I have that make the compound bow a little unpleasant to use. With a crossbow, I’d assume my time in the seat would go up even more considering I’d have the potential for more seated shots.

So M150 purely for comfort, or XOP Air Raid for all the other features? Also, I do understand that the M100U may technically be a more appropriate comparison to the Air Raid, but with no adjustability it doesn’t seem to come close to matching the Air Raid in features, so that’s why I’m using the M150 as the comparison model. One last bonus for the M150 is that they make a shooting rest for it, which could come in handy with the crossbow.

I should add that this will probably be my only stand for the 2018 season so for either stand I’ll likely be packing it in and out of public land (up to a half mile each way) most days so I can change my locations as needed.

Thanks for your help and advice!

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