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where was deer hit? #archery

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i shot a 6 pointer around 1-2 years old while ground hunting. he was about 15 yards from me. he turned around i aimed and thought i double lunged him. i remeber my crosshair being dead center on his lungs… it being my 2nd hunt and first buck i get up 10 mins later on the phone telling every one i know what just happend while looking for my arrow.my hunting co worker told me to leave the woods.i returned back in the woods to search 5 hours later. i found my arrow laying on the ground 20 yards from where it was shot. the arrow was somewhat dry when i got to it. i didnt find any blood where i shot the deer. when i shot the deer how ever he ran 20 yards and stopped and looked at me for 10 seconds and ran off into the thicket.

where he stopped for those 10 seconds i went there and saw some blood driplets. 50 yards deeper into the thicket theres a 16 by 16 inch circle of blood (no bubbles) and the amount was like a cup maybe. tracking dog followed it 600 yards and ocasionaly found some drips here and there and into a field last place i found some blood there. after that i stopped tracking as i didnt want to trespass. before i left home i saw buzzards circling 900 yards from where it was shot.

here is some attached pics

it was shot with a cross with like 340 feet per second shot.

g5 montec broadhead

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