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Where to put blind? #archery

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I need some help deciding where to put a ground blind. First I want to state that North is to the picture’s left and south is to the picture’s right. Also, this part of the property is on a slope/hill so the top of the picture is up hill and the bottom of the picture is down hill. I can watch this plot from my house every night and also mornings on the weekends as the purple arrow on the right is pointing in the direction of my house so I do know pretty well where the deer come from and what times. The area highlighted in green is a brassica food plot (3/4 acre) and the red shaded area is a clover/rye plot that I just started last weekend (which the deer love rye where I am so I can see the deer hitting that early part of bow season and then switch to brassica in the later part of the season. The yellow arrows are all the directions I see deer come from but mostly they come from the top areas. The number "1" designates where I had a ground blind last year but the problem is you can only see the top part of the food plot highlighted in red. However, since it is in the island of trees it can be very well hidden. I was wanting to move it to the area marked with a 2, this way you can see at least the top portion of both food plots but I’m concerned it could scare off the deer since that is the side of the field the deer typically enter through. The yellow arrows are NOT exactly where they may enter just the direction. I have found many different deer runs all over the field allowing them to enter all over the food plot. Next year I plan on downing some trees to help funnel them but not enough time for me to do it this year. They only come to this field in the afternoon. Thoughts?
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