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Two Different Worlds (vid)

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Gentlefolk…this past weekend I responded to a thread where the KSL/NTS (Nation Training System) for olympic/target archers was being addressed and after reading through the supplied links?..that "for me personally"…I had no interest in practicing such stating that "it just wasn’t for me" and ended off saying "but my hats off to those who do" and?..

Got Lamblasted…starting out with an archer/member I have tremendous respect for and ending off in what turned out to become a virtual pile-on of voiced opinions and questioning everything from my dedication too my poor target shooting…so first i’d like to clarify by stating…

"WHY" I said it wasn’t for me: I put into practice the 7 steps taught me by Rod Jenkins…been doing this for many months now..all while bridging back and doing walk-backs as I overcome a severe case of TP which imho?..is going well..not great…but at least i’m seeing slow progress…and as I begin moving back?..i’m doing my best to rely upon the ingrained form and "NOT GET UP IN MY HEAD" with the shot…and just letting things come naturally and in truth?..trying to get my form and shot nailed down to two basic steps..

1. Total Concentration

followed by..

2. Complete Relaxation

and just let my form naturally occur and leave my shot to the best my subconscious intuition can achieve..which on a good day?..is pretty dang good..enough to make me smile group after group out to about 20yds as just getting past the TP (for right now) is a major accomplishment for me.

anyways…my "turn-off" to the NTS/KSL deal was reading through those "12 Steps"…I mean here I am on the brink of overcoming TP and trying to reduce 7 too 2 and now i’m reading 12?…so I got hammered…took it too heart as usual (especially the "lack of dedication" remark) and gave the NTS/KSL thing a try…and what I got in return?..right from…."Step 1/Open Stance"?…was a scabbed up cheek! :laugh:

as follows…hope you enjoy…and for the sake of me keepin meat on my face?..i’ll stick with my modified 2-Step/Rod Jenkins version!

and btw..i’m real happy I never sold my 30" .500 spine GT XT Hunters..cause with 250gr points off this 37# R/D Longbow?..their 515gr total arrow weight has the bow shooting smooth as glass at 13.9GPP and well tuned..

now I just gotta screw some more 250gr points into these…

and i’m set…L8R, Bill. :cool2:

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