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GF’s 2014 Elite Spirit just landed – Awesome! – w/pics

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I’m new to archery as of last year and bought a PSE Bow Madness XS. I didn’t realize how good bows could get until I bought a used 2013 Hunter HS this year. This bow shoots and it makes me far more accurate and it makes shooting fun and easier to be accurate. Well, I got a new GF and she wants to get into shooting and even hunting. Even if we just shot together that’d be fun, but the fact that she wants to learn how to hunt is awesome. I also took her gun shooting for the first time in her life and she loved it and wants to buy a gun soon. She’s never shot or hunted before but she want’s to do both. This is the perfect girl.

Well, I was going to get her a 2013 Hunter HS just like I have because it’s an awesome bow. The smooth draw and awesome dwell zone which isn’t aggressive and doesn’t want to pull your arm out of it’s socket is great for hunting. So I thought that’d be a great bow for her. I didn’t expect to get a 2014 Elite since they are still expensive and I haven’t even seen a Spirit on the shelves yet. Well, the opportunity came to get a nearly new Elite Spirit with 40lbs limbs that had only had 11 arrows thru it. Couldn’t beat the price of $ 600. I think the smaller size will be good for her since she’s slight, it’ll be easier to hold and carry around. It’ll be weighed down by sights and quiver so that should help her hold it steady.

This bow is gorgeous. If I ever needed a new bow the Elite Spirit wouldn’t be a bad choice and I’m a guy. Can’t wait to get it up and shooting. I think we are going to put an HHA DS-XL5519 single pin on it just like I have. Since she probably won’t be shooting more than 20 yards she doesn’t need a bunch of pins cluttering her view.

Thanks AT member Total Insanity for starting my gf down her path of archery and hopefully hunting. Total Insanity is a great seller and got the bow to me in 2 days.

Another thing is that I was able to pay a portion of the money thru paypal and then I paid rest of the money once the bow arrived. That way both parties have something to lose if the other doesn’t follow through. I was really worried about paying for the bow securely since I almost lost $ 650 on my Elite when the guy seemed janky and said the bow got destroyed after I sent the money order. After starting a thread on the most secure way to pay for something online it came down to Credit Card, USPS Money Order, or Paypal. No matter which one you use you can pay 1/2 initially and then the other 1/2 on delivery. I feel much better about using paypal though.


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