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First Climb and Stand Hang w/Lone Wolf Sticks and Assault Stand #archery

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My sticks and stick quiver came today and I had some time to play with getting everything together and seeing how everything nested together. One I got everything in order, I took it out to a telephone pole behind the house to make a test run. I got all of this with the intention of making it a run-and-gun stand set

Rain drops were already starting to fall so I decided hanging 2 of the 4 sticks would have to do. My first impression fiddling with everything was "man, this is a lot of straps". Between my harness, lineman’s belt, straps for the sticks, and straps for the stands, there were straps everywhere. The two sticks and EZ hang hook for the stand went up easily. I climbed down, put the stand on my back, and climbed back up to hang it and it went fairly smoothly. In comparison to climbing with my LW sit n’ climb, there are definitely more moving parts with this setup and more to get used to.

So, for those of you using a similar setup using either the Assault or Alpha, is it easier to leave the straps on the stand and sticks or keep them separate in a pocket to avoid tangling and clanking of the strap cleats? I’m a stickler for avoiding the sound of metal-on-metal when setting up so I want to eliminate it where ever possible. I have seen a lot of users of this setup using some type of rubberized tape and/or parachord to prevent the metal-on-metal contact.

The standard unpadded straps that come with the stand are functional but will definitely be replaced with either padded straps or the Molle pack system but I need to look into that some more.

Any and all suggestions/tips are appreciated. I know there are also a few threads on the LW stand and stick system so I’ll be sifitng through those as well. I can definitely see the versatility in this stand and stick combo and I’m looking forward to finding the arrangement that works best for me.

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