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New Carbon arrows supplier- consistent arrows #archery

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This is Michael just started the New factory of Consistent Arrows In China after 4 years work experience in Bowcore Arrow factory where i worked with Amercian big archery company and distributors.

As The Bowcore stop to do Arrows business , so i and my workmates need to start own factory to run the arrows business.

Currently, we have one line production line, incluing one auto carbon fiber cutting machine to make the shafts more consistent in weight and straightness.

The carbon arrows, the bow stabilizer and paintball barrel and drone plate and tube and other carbon fiber tube products can be made.

We supply Straightness 0.001",0.003",0.006" arrows,12 pcs one bundle weight tolerance +/- 1 grs, All the shafts are surface treated with special treatment to make the shafts without dirty and avoid from the oil.

Hunting, Target,3D, Indoor Archery, Crossbow Bolts are available.

ID 0.165" = 4.2mm small target arrows spine 250-1200
ID 0.245" =6.2mm standard hunting arrows, spine 300-700, Include the 3k cross woven fiber arrows.
ID 0.204" = 5.2mm penetration hunting arrows,spine 250-500
ID 0.315" = 8.0mm standard 3D/Indoor target arrows, spine 300-500
ID 0.300= 4.2mm standard Crossbow Bolts.

Your own logo can be printed. Customized Gpi and length is feasible.

We use the 24 tons, 30 tons, 36 tons and 40 tons high moduls fiber to build the carbon tube.

Hope more wholesale purchase and pro shops and clubs, hunting group will have interest in our products.

Any questions about carbon arrows , feel free to contact me.


Consistent Arrows

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Discount Prices on Archery Supplies on Amazon.com


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Tring to decide what material and supplier for my new set of strings and cables

Discount Prices on Archery Supplies on Amazon.com

I just hunt, I don’t do any 3D or anything like that.

I am wondering what material and string maker I should use for getting a new string and cable for my bow.

I have a 2007 Ross CR331 single cam , I just love this bow, I bought it used here and it was in like new condition and my main reason for choosing that bow was the ultra smooth draw that doesn’t stack up on the front end of the draw cycle. It helps with the bad shoulder.

Anyway as of right now I have the string maker narrowed down to 60X or Vapor Trail, but I am open to other options.

For the material if I go with 60X would you choose 8190 or 452X?

And with Vapor Trail would you go with VTX or 452X?

Also what serving type would you suggest.

Now remember before you answer this is a hunting bow period! I want what will have the least peep rotation and stretch and that will hold up to abrasions from being dragged through the woods. I don’t show my bows or guns for that matter very much mercy when going to and from the stand. I don’t beat them up but they will be rubbed on limbs and twigs.

Thanks in advance for your help!!!

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Discount Prices on Archery Supplies on Amazon.com


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Heartland Archery | Winnipeg

Discount Prices on Archery Supplies on Amazon.com

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