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Mission Riot by Mathews D’ amplifier string silencer

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Hi All

I bought a mission riot, back in november. The bow I think is great and I’m happy with it , but it has two flaws and one is major in my opinion.

1- Grip – not the best but ok

2- The D’amplifier string silencer, after a few shot it tends to slide down and wedge it self into the cam (big problem).

I got so frustrated constantly having to keep an eye on it, So i just cut it off. I did notice the bow is slightly louder but a little more accurate.

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on this matter? on another note, I read some where that the string stopper should be touching the string, I noticed mine has about a 1/4 gap between the string and the stopper, came like this when I picked up from pro shop. Does anyone know the correct way.

Thank you would appreciate any help I can get

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