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Spiral cam: correct position at full draw?

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Hi everyone, I’m sure this info is out there somewhere, but I couldn’t turn anything up.

I’m particularly interested in seeing pictures of how far into the draw stop your top cam is when the bottom is just touching the cable stop – I know JAVI’s guide suggests the cable should lie flat in the groove, but as the flat section is slightly curved I’m not sure when is best for it to stop.

Does anyone have any pictures of their cam at full draw after tuning (particularly if it’s been creep tuned)? I ask because I’m somewhat limited in terms of the tuning I’m able to do… creep tuning would involve going to the range, then coming back home to make adjustments, etc, so it is a slow process and I’d like to get as close as I can, first!

Here is where I have it at the moment:

Please comment and/or post relevant pictures 🙂

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