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First release – Carter Evo & Sensation? #archery

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I’ve been doing a huge amount of research, searching on AT, google searching and reading articles, watching videos on YouTube etc. I’ve just ordered my first bow (it’s a compound), and I’m trying to decide what release I am going to start with.

What I’ve learned most is that releases are a very personal thing.

After a lot of thought I think I might be best starting with some kind of back tension type release rather than a trigger release even though it will be more difficult. I assume it would be easier to learn now than possibly getting into some bad habits.

So my intention is to hunt eventually (Once I’m consistent and confident that I can make a good ethical shot. It would be mostly pigs and goats, a few rabbits perhaps, and if I can find somewhere to hunt them, some deer too eventually.

The idea I have at the moment is to get a release like the Carter Evolution, and when I’ve got it worked out and am shooting it consistently well at targets to then buy a Carter Sensation and practice with both, and then hunt with the Sensation since it sounds like a thumb trigger might be the more preferred option for hunting out of the two releases.

The reason for the Sensation is because my hunting will be spot and stalk so the release won’t just be clipped and hanging from a stationary bow as it might be in a blind or tree stand. I figure the open hook style would be more practical.

Does this make sense to those of you that are experienced? Given the price of releases I’d prefer to not make stupid decisions. I think the shop I go to carries both, so I can hopefully see if they fit my hand well before buying.

Look forward to hearing all your thoughts. Thanks in advance!

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