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Outfitter killed = to Self Scouted/Home Killed #archery

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For those of you who have killed your trophies from both an outfitter or paid hunt as well as from your home hunting grounds, do the trophies hold equal weight in your thoughts of pride? In other words are you or would you be just as proud of a buck that you paid your hard earned cash to walk into a piece of land that you have never scouted and kill a trophy deer that you have never seen or put any work into killing compared to a deer that was taken from your home hunting grounds, chased for possibly a couple years, narrowing his stomping grounds down, tirelessly looking at trail cam pictures until that final moment when it all comes together, and you and this deer connect paths and you take him down?
I have been on a paid hunt to Missouri in the past, passed on quite a few bucks that I did not think were "Missouri Big" and were similar in size to deer I have killed here in VA and ended up coming home empty handed. But, I wonder, if I had killed one of those "Missouri Big" deer, would I be just as proud as the bucks that I have already killed and put hundreds of hours into pinning down and finally killing? Even if I did kill a Missouri giant, I still think I would be more proud of my 110-130 inch deer that I poured my heart and soul into killing here in Virginia.
What do you think? My father wants to go back to try another hunt for some big whitetail, but I have a hard time spending that much cash on something that kind of just sits in my mind as a wall decoration. Yea I know you still have to make the shot and have a little luck on your side, but essentially, no effort in my part will be part of the most important parts of killing the deer. The chase is what makes the story great. No one reads the last couple chapters of a book or watches the end of a movie and nothing else. Everything leading up to the climax is what makes each kill so special. There may not be as many opportunities to kill 180" deer here in western VA, but they do get killed, you just have to work that much harder for them. We had 3 big ones we were chasing this year that would have all been bigger then anything I have had a chance to kill and I spent atleast 3-4 days a week from Bow starting in Oct to the first week in Jan trying to kill one of them, but never did. Actually, I only seen one during daylight for about 3 seconds before he disappeared and my dad missed one somehow. We would get pictures by the dozens just before and after daylight at all of our stands like they were teasing us, but never confronting us. To me, it only makes it that much sweeter when I finally do connect with one of them. Much sweeter then if I just showed up one day and killed a similar buck on an outfitter. But, thats just my thought for the day…
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