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Rhino lining my Viper Treestand??? #archery

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This off season I am considering have my Summit Aluminum climber lightly sandblasted and then coated with Rhino lining. Anyone done this yet?? how did it work out??

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Scott Rhino Xt and Back Tension?

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Hey all, I’m relatively new to Archery( Just bought a PSE Drive lt) and have some questions.

I bought my new release (Scott Rhino Xt) and have shot it about 10 times and did not like the heavy trigger at all. I feel i have to pull to hard with my finger and it throws my shots. Now I find out after reading that it was designed that way and is better used with back tension.

My question is should i stick with the release and learn back tension with it? I have not really learned or developed any bad habits seeing as i have only shot a compound 20 times or so.

Is shooting back tension better finger release?

I might be able to return the release so if I decide to is there any releases that you guys recommend to a new shooter?


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playing with the rhino

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i got the string served and on the bow, and thought you guys might be interested in the limited amount of information i have gathered.

as i had mentioned before, i determined that 14 strands seemed to be the trick for the nock fit i wanted. it seems to be roughly equivalent to 18 strands of fast flight plus, and 21 strands of 8190. i know that many might consider this overbuilt for a 54 pound bow, and that is fine, take it for what it is.

i made it and endless loop, for the sake of similar comparison, halo .014 for the end serving, bcy #62 for center serving. single 5 grain brass nock.

i really liked the finish of this string. stands laid together flat and smooth after burnish and wax stripping. this material is also nice and stiff. where fast flight plus will usually give me another quarter inch beyond the jig setup after i am done, the rhino ended up at the original length. it loses a little length at first, since the strands compress the jig a little. however, after the prestrtch process and one turn per every 3 inches, it was back to where it started.

hung the string on the bow, let it sit for a day, brace dropped about 1/8", put in 5 twists, and there it stayed for the remainder of the testing. i didn’t do anything nearly thorough enough to veryify the claim of no creep, but it sure didn’t seem to budge much.

broke out the chronograph, nad it seemed to do very respectibly, though in my limited, not so scientic testing, it was a few fps slower than both the 8190 and the fast flight plus. i’m using fingers exclusively, without any kind of draw check, so don’t take this information as definitive, but where the 8190 would clock about 207-209 usually, and the fast flight plus pretty close if maybe 1-2 fps slower, the rhino sat pretty consistently in the 204-206 range, one reading as low as 202, and one as high as 209, though after more than 20 shots, that 209 was the only reading above 206. chronograph average was 205.

i would like to stress that this information is nothing definitive. with my particular bow, a predator velocity with standard maple and fiberglass limbs, and 432 grain acc pro hunter arrows, this is just how it worked out. other results may very well be different.

if this stuff truly doesn’t creep, period, a more relevant comparison may be to bcy 452x or trophy string material.

i would also acknowledge that if the rhino is in fact more durable or stable, from a performance standpoint, perhaps comparing similardiameters isn’t really the venue that suits it best. it may shine brighter on custom ‘skinny’ strings that can take advantage of what it does best. this is purely speculation on my part, but i thought something worth raising.

so, at the end of it all, i think that this rhino stuff seems like a really nice string material. nice and stiff, good performance, easy to work with, and the finished product is just gorgeous. in a conventional string, with my setup, the plain speed performance wasn’t exceptional, but i think it entirely possible that other construction approaches could tell a different story, which leaves me with, i dunno.

for my personal bow, i am probably going to stay with the 8190 for now. i prefer the finish of both the fast flight plus and the rhino, but ifi can have the speed without too much creep, i’ll take it. i wouldn’t say that the 8190 is creep free, but the string stay put through three days at redding, two of those days being fairly hot, which is good enough for me to accept, and way better than the fast flight plus, which i think is a great material in terms of performance for the money, and durable from a surface standpoint, but relatively creep prone. the 8190 also has a tendency to fuzz a little quicker, compared to fast flight plus, if you don’t wax it regularly. the rhino finish seemed much more similar to the fast flight plus, slick, as opposed to more obvious fibers, so my intuition leans toward it being more resistant to fuzzing, but i don’t know this for fact. if the rhino does in fact have no creep, and holds together as well as it looks like it should, i would certainly recommend it for somebody wanting a fast string with an emphasis on low maintenance.

thank you very much to brownell for letting me try the rhino. i am looking forward to anybody else’s experience with the stuff.

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