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Is it a dream, or am I really hunting Pike County Illinois this year! What to expect? #archery

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I have always dreamed of killing a trophy Midwest Whitetail, and it seems to be one step closer as I booked a hunt in Griggsville, Illinois (Pike County) with an Outfitter from October 29 – November 4th for this season. They list this as their most expensive hunt and best rut of the year. As it gets closer, I am trying to begin getting things in order, and make sure that I get the most out of my hunt. For every bit of excitement, I am just as nervous though as this is the first outfitter hunt I have ever been on. I have been shooting daily for the last 3 months, and I am absolutely deadly out to around 50 yards. From hunting East Texas my whole life to this hunt couldn’t be any more different. Any advice for the upcoming trip? Some of the things I have questions about, or am concerned about are:

1. Weather- I own a lot of hunting clothes, but I am concerned I will not be warm. What sort of temperature am I looking at for that time of year? Solid idea to invest in some nice stuff?

2. Grunt Call- I have never really used a grunt call, but have read a lot of places that it might be a solid idea to learn.. do any of you have a specific grunt call you recommend? I really don’t want to watch a 180" deer run does across food plots all week long , and can’t get into bow range.

3. I am planning on hunting ALOT.. I mean, daylight till dark every day. Do deer move mid day this time of year?

4. Just how big of deer are in Pike County Illinois? They are posting some monsters from their cameras, but I am curious as to how common a 150" kill is up there? My biggest buck to date is a 139" buck.

I appreciate the advice in advance fellas.

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